Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MAIG use Terrorist as Prop

In the most desperate, uninformed and ill-advised ad by Mayors Against Illegal Guns to date, they promote Al-Qaeda terrorist spokesman Adam Pearlman A.K.A. Adam Gadahn ‘s call for terrorists in America to arm themselves.

A note to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, when you put your faith in the words of a traitorous, terrorist scumbag like Adam Gadahn, you utterly destroy any credibility you might have. Especially when you don’t even do basic due diligence to fact check the spew emanating from Gadahn’s mouth.

As a rational, reasoned person would believe, Gadahn lies in his communication used for the ad. The concept that an Al-Qaeda operative would lie should come as no surprise to any rational human being.

Perhaps that is where the problem lies.

Groups like Mayors Against Illegal Guns, in their irrational fear of the American people, seek to scare those very same American people into following their logic. What better tool to inspire fear than a terrorist?

As far as the lie, the terrorist in their ad claims that anyone can walk down to their local gun show and pick up a full-auto weapon. That is simply untrue. And, the morons at Mayors Against Illegal Guns know better.

Since the National Firearms Act of 1934, pushed by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it has been illegal to purchase a full-auto firearm without first running the sale through both the IRS and ATF.

This is not possible at a gun show.

Furthermore, the Gun Control Act of 1968 made obtaining a full-auto firearm even more difficult to obtain by banning the importation of any full-auto firearm for sale to civilians.

This limited the number of firearms that could even be purchased by civilians.

You cannot purchase a full-auto firearm of any kind at a gun show. That is a fact. You would commit several felonies to even try.

Is it possible that the terrorist mouthpiece quoted in the ad didn’t know the difference between a full-auto and a semi-auto firearm? Possibly. He starts off in the backward, ignorant, and just generally stupid category based on his membership in this terrorist organization.

It is however a complete impossibility that Mayors Against Illegal Guns didn’t know the difference between a full-auto and semi-auto firearm. They are actively trying to pass gun control laws right now. They know our laws, they are fighting them.

The truth is that this message is advanced as part of an ongoing disinformation campaign whose primary objective is to confuse the American public on the difference between a full and semi-auto firearm...and to simultaneously scare the hell out of them.

Groups like Mayors Against Illegal Guns cannot win the argument based on the facts, so they use fear and emotion, sprinkled with half-truths and outright lies to win the day.

For the uneducated:
Fully-automatic firearms, first introduced in the late 1800s, are those that, after firing a round of ammunition, automatically reload and fire again, performing this sequence repeatedly as long as their triggers are depressed and their ammunition supplies have not been expended.

A semi-automatic firearm requires that the trigger be pulled for each shot fired. Continuously depressing the trigger will only fire the firearm once. The gas expended from firing the round of ammunition ejects the spent casing and reloads the chamber of the firearm. To fire a second shot, requires a second complete pull of the trigger.

Bolt-action, lever-action, pump-action, single-action, and double-action firearms all have a trigger that operates in the same manner (one depression of the trigger results in one bullet fired) but requires the operator to manually eject and insert a bullet in the operating position of the chamber.

Is your Mayor a member of this group? You can find out here. If they are, you should first ask them why they oppose your right to own firearms. Second, you should ask them if they support advancing the lies of an Al-Qaeda stooge to prove a point because that is exactly what is being done in their name.

And, regardless of what party they belong to, if they support gun control or support this kind of message, vote them out. They are likely up either this year or 2013.

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