Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Gutless 34

Democrats regularly played politics with debt ceiling votes before. President Obama notoriously condemned and voted against the 2006 debt ceiling increase calling it a “sign of leadership failure.”

Last night’s vote was no different.

For months, Democrats begged for a clean bill. They took shots at Republicans for attempting to tie the debt ceiling vote to Republican principles like reduced government spending. They railed that to do anything other than provide a clean bill would be playing politics (as even the Commander in Chief did in the past) with too important an issue. In April, 114 House Democrats even signed a letter demanding this clean vote.

Republicans relented and gave the Democrats their clean vote and gave the Democrats the opportunity to show leadership instead of partisanship. The results? Of the 114 Democrats that signed the letter demanding a clean bill in April, 29 voted against the bill and five voted “present”.

Once again, Democrats prove that they are not seriously trying to offer solutions to the problems of the day. It is all just politics to them.

You can find the Gutless 34 for yourself by looking at the signers to the letter above and comparing it with the roll call vote here.

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