Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bobby Casey, Moon-Battery, and the President

"I think when people look at the record they examine you individually. I don't think they examine you in the context of another public official, even a president.”

Yeah, that was Democrat US Senator Bobby Casey’s quote in a story by Colby Itkowitz.

I guess Bobby has a short memory. Casey’s entire 2006 campaign was a campaign against George Bush. The only time Bobby Casey wasn’t tying Bush to Santorum was when he was tying Santorum to Bush. He never released serious policy statements or spoke about his vision for this Country. He Bush bashed his way to the United States Senate.

As early as January of 2006, Casey’s spokesman Larry Smar set the tone and the pace of the campaign with this quote "Santorum has voted with President Bush 98 percent of the time, and now he's trying to copy his PR tactics." Even though Colby seemed to miss this point entirely, Republicans certainly won’t. As a matter of fact, they will probably use the same strategy against Casey but to greater effect since Obama is actually on the ballot in 2012.

Bobby Casey was an early supporter of Barack Hussein Obama for President in 2008. While Hillary Clinton was still in the race, Casey shocked everyone in his early, strong support of Obama. Words like these will be used against him.

Why? President Obama is tanking in Pennsylvania. Even though current registration in the state is 51% Democrat, 37% Republican, and 12% something else (meaning Democrats have a 14% edge) half the state wants a new president. Obama doesn't even have the solid support of his own party, let alone the rest of the state.

The National Journal Rankings were used in former Congressman Chris Carney’s stories to disprove claims that he was a moon-bat progressive pretty regularly. Let's look at Casey's numbers.

In 2008, Casey was ranked 22nd most liberal US Senator, former Senator Specter was ranked 53rd most liberal. Casey, more liberal than Arlen Specter.

In 2009, Casey was ranked 48th most liberal US Senator in the country. Former Senator Arlen Specter, 56th most liberal. Again, Casey more liberal than Arlen Specter.

In 2010, Casey shot to new levels of liberal moonbattery rising to the 15th most liberal US Senator in the country. This was during the same time Arlen Specter was trying to prove to Democrats that the Republicans that opposed him were right when they said he was actually a bleeding heart liberal Democrat in Republican clothing. Still, Snarlin’ Arlen comes in as the 27th most liberal US Senator getting eclipsed by Casey at 15th most liberal.

Why is this relevant? Only 16% of the state considers themselves liberal. 33% consider themselves moderate, 41% consider themselves conservative, and 10% aren't sure where they fit. Pennsylvania is not a liberal state.

Additionally, Pennsylvania voters just elected a Conservative Governor, Lt. Governor, US Senator and took a majority of the state's Congressional Districts in 2010.

Conservatism is on the rise. And, with guys like Casey and Obama trying to make the case for liberalism with failed policy after failed policy, it is easy to see why.

So, what campaign strategy to use against Casey? Casey may forget what tactics he employed to get to the US Senate but the Republicans certainly won't. Instead, they will likely take a page out of Casey's book and politically beat him over the head with his progressive voting record while simultaneously smacking him with his undying support of President Obama and his failed policies. It worked for him in 2006, it will work against him in 2012.

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