Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MAIG use Terrorist as Prop

In the most desperate, uninformed and ill-advised ad by Mayors Against Illegal Guns to date, they promote Al-Qaeda terrorist spokesman Adam Pearlman A.K.A. Adam Gadahn ‘s call for terrorists in America to arm themselves.

A note to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, when you put your faith in the words of a traitorous, terrorist scumbag like Adam Gadahn, you utterly destroy any credibility you might have. Especially when you don’t even do basic due diligence to fact check the spew emanating from Gadahn’s mouth.

As a rational, reasoned person would believe, Gadahn lies in his communication used for the ad. The concept that an Al-Qaeda operative would lie should come as no surprise to any rational human being.

Perhaps that is where the problem lies.

Groups like Mayors Against Illegal Guns, in their irrational fear of the American people, seek to scare those very same American people into following their logic. What better tool to inspire fear than a terrorist?

As far as the lie, the terrorist in their ad claims that anyone can walk down to their local gun show and pick up a full-auto weapon. That is simply untrue. And, the morons at Mayors Against Illegal Guns know better.

Since the National Firearms Act of 1934, pushed by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it has been illegal to purchase a full-auto firearm without first running the sale through both the IRS and ATF.

This is not possible at a gun show.

Furthermore, the Gun Control Act of 1968 made obtaining a full-auto firearm even more difficult to obtain by banning the importation of any full-auto firearm for sale to civilians.

This limited the number of firearms that could even be purchased by civilians.

You cannot purchase a full-auto firearm of any kind at a gun show. That is a fact. You would commit several felonies to even try.

Is it possible that the terrorist mouthpiece quoted in the ad didn’t know the difference between a full-auto and a semi-auto firearm? Possibly. He starts off in the backward, ignorant, and just generally stupid category based on his membership in this terrorist organization.

It is however a complete impossibility that Mayors Against Illegal Guns didn’t know the difference between a full-auto and semi-auto firearm. They are actively trying to pass gun control laws right now. They know our laws, they are fighting them.

The truth is that this message is advanced as part of an ongoing disinformation campaign whose primary objective is to confuse the American public on the difference between a full and semi-auto firearm...and to simultaneously scare the hell out of them.

Groups like Mayors Against Illegal Guns cannot win the argument based on the facts, so they use fear and emotion, sprinkled with half-truths and outright lies to win the day.

For the uneducated:
Fully-automatic firearms, first introduced in the late 1800s, are those that, after firing a round of ammunition, automatically reload and fire again, performing this sequence repeatedly as long as their triggers are depressed and their ammunition supplies have not been expended.

A semi-automatic firearm requires that the trigger be pulled for each shot fired. Continuously depressing the trigger will only fire the firearm once. The gas expended from firing the round of ammunition ejects the spent casing and reloads the chamber of the firearm. To fire a second shot, requires a second complete pull of the trigger.

Bolt-action, lever-action, pump-action, single-action, and double-action firearms all have a trigger that operates in the same manner (one depression of the trigger results in one bullet fired) but requires the operator to manually eject and insert a bullet in the operating position of the chamber.

Is your Mayor a member of this group? You can find out here. If they are, you should first ask them why they oppose your right to own firearms. Second, you should ask them if they support advancing the lies of an Al-Qaeda stooge to prove a point because that is exactly what is being done in their name.

And, regardless of what party they belong to, if they support gun control or support this kind of message, vote them out. They are likely up either this year or 2013.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

War Games

The War Powers Act of 1973 is the federal law that dictates under what conditions a President may enter into an armed conflict with a foreign power. The President must notify Congress within 48 hours of committing troops and cannot keep them anywhere for longer than 60 days without a declaration of war or the approval of Congress. The Act also allows for a 30 day withdrawal of troops period.

If you remember, during the election of 2008, there was a lot of talk about “unjust wars.” This mostly came from the progressive left. The same progressives that glossed over the fact that Democrats enthusiastically supported entering into Iraq and that, when President Bush sought the requisite approval from Congress, he got it with Democrat support.

Since entering in office, Barack Obama has not only broken his campaign promise to get us out of Iraq within 16 months of taking office but has now entered us into two new wars.

The first is the war in Libya. The second is his war in Yemen.

President Obama began the war in Libya in March. He has not sought Congressional approval per the War Powers Act. As a matter of fact, Obama didn’t even notify Congress of his starting a war until long after the first bombs were dropping. The 60 day window has not passed for him to begin his exit from the region.

Obama's defense is that this isn't a war. It's a kinetic military action.


Obama is in complete violation of the War Powers Act and the left is profoundly, hypocritically, and not surprisingly silent.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bobby Casey, Moon-Battery, and the President

"I think when people look at the record they examine you individually. I don't think they examine you in the context of another public official, even a president.”

Yeah, that was Democrat US Senator Bobby Casey’s quote in a story by Colby Itkowitz.

I guess Bobby has a short memory. Casey’s entire 2006 campaign was a campaign against George Bush. The only time Bobby Casey wasn’t tying Bush to Santorum was when he was tying Santorum to Bush. He never released serious policy statements or spoke about his vision for this Country. He Bush bashed his way to the United States Senate.

As early as January of 2006, Casey’s spokesman Larry Smar set the tone and the pace of the campaign with this quote "Santorum has voted with President Bush 98 percent of the time, and now he's trying to copy his PR tactics." Even though Colby seemed to miss this point entirely, Republicans certainly won’t. As a matter of fact, they will probably use the same strategy against Casey but to greater effect since Obama is actually on the ballot in 2012.

Bobby Casey was an early supporter of Barack Hussein Obama for President in 2008. While Hillary Clinton was still in the race, Casey shocked everyone in his early, strong support of Obama. Words like these will be used against him.

Why? President Obama is tanking in Pennsylvania. Even though current registration in the state is 51% Democrat, 37% Republican, and 12% something else (meaning Democrats have a 14% edge) half the state wants a new president. Obama doesn't even have the solid support of his own party, let alone the rest of the state.

The National Journal Rankings were used in former Congressman Chris Carney’s stories to disprove claims that he was a moon-bat progressive pretty regularly. Let's look at Casey's numbers.

In 2008, Casey was ranked 22nd most liberal US Senator, former Senator Specter was ranked 53rd most liberal. Casey, more liberal than Arlen Specter.

In 2009, Casey was ranked 48th most liberal US Senator in the country. Former Senator Arlen Specter, 56th most liberal. Again, Casey more liberal than Arlen Specter.

In 2010, Casey shot to new levels of liberal moonbattery rising to the 15th most liberal US Senator in the country. This was during the same time Arlen Specter was trying to prove to Democrats that the Republicans that opposed him were right when they said he was actually a bleeding heart liberal Democrat in Republican clothing. Still, Snarlin’ Arlen comes in as the 27th most liberal US Senator getting eclipsed by Casey at 15th most liberal.

Why is this relevant? Only 16% of the state considers themselves liberal. 33% consider themselves moderate, 41% consider themselves conservative, and 10% aren't sure where they fit. Pennsylvania is not a liberal state.

Additionally, Pennsylvania voters just elected a Conservative Governor, Lt. Governor, US Senator and took a majority of the state's Congressional Districts in 2010.

Conservatism is on the rise. And, with guys like Casey and Obama trying to make the case for liberalism with failed policy after failed policy, it is easy to see why.

So, what campaign strategy to use against Casey? Casey may forget what tactics he employed to get to the US Senate but the Republicans certainly won't. Instead, they will likely take a page out of Casey's book and politically beat him over the head with his progressive voting record while simultaneously smacking him with his undying support of President Obama and his failed policies. It worked for him in 2006, it will work against him in 2012.

Holden Stands by Weiner

Unless you live under a rock, you have by now seen that Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner is a pervert.

To encapsulate: the New York Democrat has been using twitter to stalk at least one underage girl that toured his office, porn stars, and virtually any female that will pay him even a little bit of attention. He also likely used Congressional resources (phone, gym, etc.) to facilitate this contact or for props in his photos.

With all the talk of Democratic Congressman Tim Holden maybe inheriting part of NEPA in the redistricting process, we thought it worth pointing out that Holden supports his friend, the pervert, Anthony Weiner. Weiner’s values are not Pennsylvania values. Holden should know better.


The National Enquirer has pictures of an oiled up Wiener as well as pictures of him cross dressing in women's lingerie.

Educators Failing Children

The National Assessment of Education Statistics released the nation’s report card. Turn out, we’re failing American History.

From the assessment:
13% of high school students displayed proficiency in US history. With only 22% of fourth grade and 18% of eighth grade scoring proficient or better.

In other news, Big Labor Teacher Unions are still calling on our legislators to use the “surplus” for them instead of for paying off some of our $4 billion debt.

Only in public-sector unions can an employee continually have failing results and still receive a pay raise.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Journalists in their editorials and Politicians on their soapboxes are claiming Pennsylvania has a surplus of tax revenue. This highlights their misunderstanding or outright ignorance of both Pennsylvania's fiscal health and how the rest of the state lives.

When regular people run out of money, they stop spending. That is the same decision facing families across the commonwealth everyday. They sit around their kitchen tables figuring out what they can cut back on to stay afloat. It is rare to see politicians do this, least of all Democratic politicians.

One rare exception is Democrat Auditor General Jack Wagner. Mr. Wagner deserves credit for calling out his fellow Democrats on their ill-conceived plans to spend this "surplus" money.

When the Democrats left power in the 2010 elections, they left a multi-billion dollar deficit. Pennsylvania cannot just print money like the Federal Government nor can they pass a budget that is not in balance. So, any extra money that comes into the state's coffers should be used to retire debt.

Democrats need to understand, like Jack Wagner does, that there is no such thing as a surplus when you owe a few billion dollars.

Incidentally, as far as the source of this surplus in tax revenue, a very significant part of this is from shale drilling. You know, those companies that the Democrats insist aren't paying any taxes. We point this out to illustrate the hypocritical nature of the left that is against drilling but can't wait to spend the money it brings in.

MSNBC's Race to the Bottom

MSNBC is the most biased "news" network going. Under the guise of reporting on Texas Presidential contenders (presumably to portray them in a negative light, coincidentally when Republicans from Texas are entering the race) he starts with Bush and the claim that the Supreme Court decided his election and then pivots into Democrat LBJ stating "as we all know" Johnson was never actually elected Commander in Chief, he merely succeeded JFK and then didn't seek re-election since his unpopularity was so high during the Vietnam War.

Note to MSNBC MORONS, LBJ did succeed JFK...but he was also was elected in 1964 over Barry Goldwater.

Thank you for proving that your average 8th Grader has one up on your newsroom when it comes to basic American history.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Obama Administration Thuggery in CA

The Obama Administration is apparently bringing back the debtors prison.
According to an ABC Affiliate in California, the US Department of Education sent 15 SWAT team members to a man’s home, breaking in the door and putting him in custody for hours over a defaulted student loan.

As it turns out, the loans were not even his. They were his estranged wife’s. That didn’t stop them from smashing his door in and putting him and his three small children in a squad car in the California sun for six hours.

This is a chilling example of the Federal Government seriously overstepping. Even if this action was completely legal, it was completely stupid.

Since it was the Federal Government that issued the order for the SWAT team to collect on the defaulted student loan and since it occurred in Congressman Jerry McNerney’s District, he should immediately look into the matter.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Progressives on the Rise

President Obama is a progressive. As such, he famously said that he favored spreading the wealth around for the benefit of the poor. I am paraphrasing, the video is below where you can see the full conversation in context.

This belief, that wealth should be seized by the state from the rich and distributed by the state as the state sees fit, is a central tenet of both Socialism and Communism. The only difference in how either treats the concept is really only a matter of degrees. It is probably best summed up by Karl Marx when he said "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."

Gallup recently produced a poll on changing beliefs on redistribution of wealth. Their poll found that 71% of Democrats, 43% of Independents, and 28% of Republicans believe that the government should redistribute the wealth of the rich to the less rich.

Progressivism, made so popular by President Obama, seems to have completely dominated the Democratic Party and is beginning to more significantly influence both the Republican and Independent parties.

Mitt Romney 2012

Klavan: One State Solution for Israel

Ben Shapiro: Media Bias

Conservative viewpoints are intentionally excluded by studios and networks and the executives are perfectly alright with that.

Healthcare Waivers

The Hill reports that the Obama Administration has approved another 200 Obamacare waivers.

What's a waiver you might ask? A waiver is a Get=Out-of-Obamacare-Free-Card granted by the President's people in HHS. You really have to wonder, if this law is so great, why is the Obama Administration constantly giving out waivers to get companies out of it?

With this newest crop of exemptions, Obama has excused 1,372 business from Obamacare.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Gutless 34

Democrats regularly played politics with debt ceiling votes before. President Obama notoriously condemned and voted against the 2006 debt ceiling increase calling it a “sign of leadership failure.”

Last night’s vote was no different.

For months, Democrats begged for a clean bill. They took shots at Republicans for attempting to tie the debt ceiling vote to Republican principles like reduced government spending. They railed that to do anything other than provide a clean bill would be playing politics (as even the Commander in Chief did in the past) with too important an issue. In April, 114 House Democrats even signed a letter demanding this clean vote.

Republicans relented and gave the Democrats their clean vote and gave the Democrats the opportunity to show leadership instead of partisanship. The results? Of the 114 Democrats that signed the letter demanding a clean bill in April, 29 voted against the bill and five voted “present”.

Once again, Democrats prove that they are not seriously trying to offer solutions to the problems of the day. It is all just politics to them.

You can find the Gutless 34 for yourself by looking at the signers to the letter above and comparing it with the roll call vote here.