Thursday, May 19, 2011

Primary 2011 Recap

Lackawanna County
Looks like we inadvertently called the Democratic primary correctly in Lackawanna County.

Democrats had a fight for Commissioner, Coroner, and Controller. Half the endorsed team for Commissioner and their Controller candidate prevailed. Everyone else was turned away.

Republicans will be represented by Patrick O'Malley and Bill Jones II for Commissioner, Frank Adamo for Coroner, Robert Castellani for Controller, and possibly Mike Stuchlak for Clerk of Judicial Records. It appears the Republicans might have been successful in a late write-in effort to nominate Stuchlak leaving only County Treasurer uncontested in the fall (maybe.)

Luzerne County
The big winners in Luzerne County were the Democrats. The big race to watch was the Judicial race in Luzerne. Five Democrats dominated the ballot securing double nominations.

As we mentioned before, Luzerne County's GOP made a round of endorsements for their judicial candidates. It proved to be absolutely meaningless.

The Luzerne County Republican Committee started with four Republican candidates running for six spots and ended up with only one of their endorsed candidates winning the Republican nomination.

That's pretty bad.

In 2009, Hughes ended up in a match-up with Tina Gartley and didn't have the juice to get it done. Now, Hughes is in the virtually the same situation. With 5 Democrats winning both a Democrat and Republican nomination the race boils down to Hughes going against Hanlon-Mirabito.

Big Labor ended up being big losers in Luzerne County. Labor had a slate of 11 candidates that they were pushing. Only four received the Democratic nomination.

The four Big Labor Democrats that won are:
Linda McClosky
Jane Walsh-Waitkus
Salvatore Licata
M. Theresa Morcavage

Monroe County
Williamson and Higgins locked in both a Democratic and Republican nomination for Judge virtually assuring their election to the bench in the fall.

The race to watch will be for Commissioner. Republicans are itching to take control of Monroe County again. Democrats Suzanne McCool and Theresa Merli will face Republicans John Moyer and Charles Garris for County Commissioner.

Primary voters are generally party stalwarts. If Democratic turnout in the Primary was any indication, Republicans have a real shot at retaking the county. Monroe is a majority Democratic county yet, Republicans clocked more votes in their races than the Democrats did nearly across the board. It doesn't seem that the stalwart democrats are very inspired by their candidates.

With the Judge race off the table, that's bad news for Democrats, good news for Republicans.

Wayne County
There were two big races in Wayne County, Coroner and District Attorney.

Incumbent Republican Mike Lehutsky appears to have been beaten by Janine Edwards for the Republican nomination. Both waged write-in campaigns for the Democratic nomination so it is possible that there could be a rematch.

For Coroner, Edward Howell was successful in securing the Republican nomination. Some were surprised by this, they shouldn't be. The guy outworked everyone else in the race.

Wyoming County
Democrats Ron Williams and J. Stark Barton will face Republicans Judy Kraft-Meade and Tom Henry for County Commissioner.

Sheriff is a pretty big deal in Wyoming County. Republican Ned Sherman will face Duane Marbaker in November.

David Plummer tied down both the Democratic and Republican nominations for Magistrate so its a walk for him in November.

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