Monday, May 16, 2011

Luzerne County GOP Offers Endorsements

Over the weekend the Luzerne County Republican Committee offered up endorsements in the upcoming Judicial election.

The endorsed candidates as recorded in their voter guide are:
Jim McMonagle
Joe Saporito
Dick Hughes
Jim Haggerty

This election in particular will be the first measure of Chairman Casey's success in a post-Fennick Luzerne GOP. There are four Republican candidates for six spots. If the Luzerne County Republicans have it together, they should be able to pull all four of their candidates across the finish line.

If they have still not recovered from Fennick's exit, watch for only the big spenders (Dick Hughes & Joe Saporito) or maybe ballot placement (Dick Hughes and Jim Haggerty) to play a big role in who gets the nomination by the Republican Party.

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