Friday, May 6, 2011

Looking for a Lackawanna Wonderful Jones-O’Brien-Wansacz Ticket?

From the coverage of the League of Women Voters debate of Republican candidates, you get the impression that Republican Commissioner Candidate Bill Jones wants to run for Minority Commissioner.

Young Bill Jones attacked both Mayor Bruce Smallacombe and School Director Patrick O’Malley for having been hired during and employed under the Cordaro/Munchak years in Lackawanna County. He didn’t elaborate on whether he had a problem with anyone hired by Lackawanna County between 2004 and 2007 or only those running against him.

You need a pretty big bus to toss that many people under.

Jones also attacked O’Malley for having switched several years ago from Democrat to Republican. Never mind that by doing so O’Malley gave the Republican Party it’s only elected official in the City of Scranton since 2001. Maybe the Republican Party should put Jones in charge of their next voter registration drive.

Clearly, Jones has no designs to put Lackawanna County back into majority Republican hands. That, or Jones’s political inexperience just made that an impossibility (assuming he is part of the Republican ticket going into the fall.)

Closing thought to Bill Jones, have you ever heard of Reagan’s 11th Commandment? Granted, you may not have even been born yet when he said it but it is worth looking into. The Republicans will catch enough cheap shots from the Democrats without Republicans piling on.

P.S. As far as the Wansacz – O’Brien thing, that just how we see the Democratic Primary shaping up. Who knows how it will actually go.

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