Saturday, April 23, 2011

Party of No, Still No Budget

Democratic President Barack Obama took the opportunity of his facebook infomercial to attack Republicans and Congressman Paul Ryan's budget proposal.

This, from the head of the party that didn't pass a budget despite being in complete control of the government since 2009.

Obama attacks Republican efforts to pass a responsible budget saying the Ryan Budget isn't particularly courageous.

Courageous? Seriously? Coming from the head coward that wouldn't pass a budget because his party was on the precipice of a major electoral beat down?

BHO also calls the Ryan budget radical and points out that it changes the social compact of this country in a fundamental way.

Finally, some truth from this President.

The Republican budget is radically different from Obama's plan to just keep maxing out the credit cards and hope for the best. And yes, it does change the social compact in the US in that we will no longer will we borrow to bestow charity.

Our country is in serious trouble. It is time for the Democrats and the President to offer more than rhetoric.

Where is the Democratic budget proposal?

Do they have nothing to offer besides simply saying no?

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