Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Time for Fairness in PA Civil Courts

On Monday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Judiciary Committee began to tackle the issue of legal reform in the Commonwealth.

The question simply stated: if you are found partially liable for damages, should you only have to pay the portion for which you are responsible for? Common sense (and common fairness) would answer yes. Democrats, in an overt display of pandering to the trial lawyers that bankroll their campaigns, answered no.

Democrats believe your liability should be determined not only on what you actually did, but also based on someone else’s ability to pay.

That’s right, even if you are only found to be 10% liable for an accident, you should pay the full 100% of the damages if the other party can’t pay their 90% liability.

This is symptomatic of the Democrats dancing to the fiddle of the trail lawyers. Their allegiance to special interests is blinding them to basic fairness and common sense.

If you do something wrong or are otherwise negligent causing someone to be harmed, you should pay to make that person whole to the extent that you damaged them. It is a disgusting display of pandering to make an individual pay more than their fair share simply because the other person, who they have no control over, cannot afford to pay.

Do Democrats believe that this same rule should apply to criminal matters? Should we now try and incarcerate Pennsylvanians for crimes they didn’t actually commit as well just because they cannot apprehend the person that actually committed the crime?

Despite the overt Democratic pandering to their special interest masters, HB 1 – The Fair Share Act, was committed. It should move steadily for a vote and be adopted by every elected Representative that believes in basic fairness.

You can read HB1, the Fair Share Act, here.

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