Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shutdown

What are they fighting about?

As a government shutdown looms, much of the debate in Washington has been on how to avert the crisis.

At least, much of the debate on the Republican side of the isle. The Democrats have proposed absolutely nothing to avert a government shut down outside of chanting “No” to every solution proposed by the Republicans.

The Democratic talking points revolved around the general theme that seniors and the poor will have to eat cat food to survive if Republicans don’t kill them off first.

That is the best they have to offer and it is patently ridiculous.

Worse, this one is absolutely, positively the fault of the Democrats. The Democrats had control of Congress and the Senate since January 2007. They added the White House to their control in January of 2009. Yet, they did nothing. With Democrats in absolute control of both Congress and the Senate as well as the White House they still could not bring themselves to pass a budget since 2009.

That singular failure of leadership has resulted in the situation we are in today. They were either too afraid to pass a budget that dealt with the problems of the day or they lacked the political will to do so but in either case, they failed to lead and failed the American people.

We face a $14.3 trillion debt that the above named Democrats increased by over $4 trillion just since Obama took office in 2009. The unchecked increased spending on welfare, social security, medicare, bailouts, unconstitutional healthcare mandates, unprecedented expansions of government, and failed economic stimulus programs that have defined this President have only made it worse.

Despite causing the problem, the Democrats are doing nothing to solve it. The Republicans are failing to realize why…Democrats want a government shutdown.

Democrats lost the debate on the economy. Americans were simply too smart to buy the Democrat bailouts and stimulus programs as anything other than a waste of money. The fact that gas prices have doubled since President Obama took office hits everyone in the wallet and they feel it. Americans know that their economy is in the tank regardless of what the President says and they fear that they will leave this country far worse than for their children and grandchildren than they found it.

Americans might have been bamboozled before but they are paying attention now.

That scares the hell out of the Democrats.

They have already proven that even with complete control of every level of government for several years that they cannot fix these problems. So what can they do?

They need a new crisis and a boogeyman to distract everyone from placing blame where it really belongs. They are waiting in the wings to take President Obama’s former Chief of Staff’s advice when he famously said “never waste a good crisis.”

What would be more distracting than seeing our troops in foreign lands have to face payless pay days? What would be more distracting than Social Security recipients that are completely dependent on their monthly check to survive go without for a month or two? What would be more distracting than the US Government shutting its doors to its people?

Democrats need this shut down to distract the American people from their failed policies and inability to lead or even perform the most basic function of government, budgeting. They need an opportunity to show how they can sweep in and save the American people as benevolent dictators again.

Republicans are doing everything they can to keep the government functioning. Yesterday, they passed yet another bill to keep the government open and keep our military paid. The bill passed 247-181. President Obama’s answer was to issue a Statement of Administration Policy that stated that he would veto this bill and allow the government to shut down if it was passed by the Senate.

If the Democrats succeed in shutting down the government, the Republicans should immediately send legislation to the Senate that brings agencies back one at a time. They should fund only those which are Constitutionally mandated and let the others languish while the shutdown remains.

Is anyone really going to miss taxpayer funded welfare for cultural elites such as Piss Christ or taxpayer-funded bailouts for mega-corporations?

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