Thursday, April 14, 2011

Government Shutdown Recap

Because House Democrats failed to pass a budget since 2009, Republicans had to step in and pass a continuing resolution to stave off a government shutdown.

Conservative Republicans hate the deal, since it only cuts $38 Billion. Democrats increased the national debt by over $4 trillion since Obama took office. $38 billion doesn’t do much to address that.

Drop, meet bucket.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued its harshest rebuke of Democratic President Barrack Hussein Obama yet regarding US debt. The IMF said the USlacks a credible strategy” to stabilize its mounting debt.

While Democrats continue to be the party of No - no plans, no answers, no solutions - Republicans are proposing some of their own.

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan released his Path to Prosperity budget to save jobs, jump start the economy, and relieve the debt crisis by cutting spending.

Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama, categorically opposed Ryan’s reform measures. No surprise, Obama proposed no plan of his own…he merely offered up some vague platitudes to the left and called for increased taxes.

Do the Democrats ever have a solution to a problem that doesn’t involve raising taxes?

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