Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Labor Crushes Taxpayers

Drinking Postmen Want Jobs Back:

A better example of the problem with Big Labor would be hard to find.

Union Postal Carriers were caught drinking at a local bar while on the clock and then driving their delivery vehicles after drinking. Two of the Union Postal Carriers also appeared to use scanners allegedly to make it appear as though they were working their route.

The Union’s response?

Their Postal Carrier Union Local has filed grievances on their behalf to get their jobs back.

Putting aside the danger involved in drinking and driving perpetuated by these union members, this demonstrates the problem with organized labor.

Why should they have their jobs back?

I guess Big Labor believe that it is your right to drink and drive on the job in a government vehicle while on the job.

These people should be fired and count their blessings that they were not charged with a crime. The fact that their Union is defending them and trying to get their jobs back shows just how out of touch Big Labor is with reality.

Labor is not for the working man. If Labor were for the working man, he would not allow abuses like this to occur on the working man’s taxpayer funded dime.

Big Labor is for Big Labor.

Whatever they can do to keep their membership numbers up and thus, their mandatory dues collection up, is all that matters as evidenced by this disgusting act.

Closing thought, how much more do you think the taxpayers will have to pay during the legal proceedings for these grievances?

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