Sunday, August 29, 2010


Our elected officials have failed. Unemployment numbers are terrible despite promises that they would not rise above 8% if we just ate a crap sandwich (stimulus) and smiled. GDP has just been adjusted in the negative. The promised "recovery summer" never happened. Instead of cutting spending, both Harrisburg and Washington are looking for new ways to nickel and dime you without raising taxes directly in an election year.

Don’t let these career politicians, from Harrisburg to Washington and regardless of whether they are a Republican or Democrat, distract you from the job they have been doing so far. This election is critically important. Hold all elected officials accountable for their successes and failures and make a decision based on that.

And please, do not be hoodwinked by whatever schemes they concoct to take your eyes off of them. All of the career politicians will try to take the spotlight off of the jobs they are doing whether they be in Washington or Harrisburg.

With the unofficial start of the campaign season, Labor Day, the crap you have come to expect from them will undoubtedly get deeper. If they haven’t begun already, elected officials will now begin to parade around your towns with big cardboard checks and the prospect of a brighter future if you just vote for them one more time.

Don’t take the bait.

Remember that those cardboard checks represent your tax dollars. Remember that they didn’t do anything but the absolute minimum of their job to bring that money back to their respective districts.

And, by all means, remember what they have done for you and your Country or State so far. Have they protected your freedoms? Have they listened, even if they disagree with you, when you have spoken? Are the accessible to you or only to their contributors? Will they hold town meetings where you can ask them anything you want? When you write to them, will they answer your question(s) directly or do they send you a ridiculous form letter at your (taxpayer) expense?

A perfect example is Paul Kanjorski. Mr. Kanjorski has represented NEPA for well over two decades. During his tenure he has promised such things as a monorail, moving sidewalks, Wall Street West jobs, rail service from NEPA to NJ, the inflatable dam in the Susquehanna and perhaps the one he would most like everyone to forget…water jet technology jobs ala Cornerstone Technologies.

His most recent offering, now that we have a bit of perspective, is an anti-terrorism training facility in Luzerne County. His claim is that it will bring 1,000 highly paid jobs to the area. Sounds good right? He did fail to mention that it will also bring in over 500 explosions a year, high speed car chases, live machine gun fire, and increased traffic on our already congested infrastructure. But hey, they are jobs right?

Oh, and when they tried to bring this project to Maryland, the residents basically chased them away with pitchforks and torches. Even their Democratic US Senator and Governor did an about face and opposed the project. That took a lot, particularly in this economy. It also bears mentioning that a big part of the funding for the project is your tax dollars from the Stimulus Bill-regardless of where they put it.

It is difficult to look at any opportunity for jobs in this terrible economy as a bad thing. But, considering the source, one really has to wonder whether this is just Kanjorski's latest flying pig or if it is just another of his white elephants.

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