Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama to Challenge Arizona Immigration Law

Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated in an interview that the Obama Justice Department will file a federal lawsuit to overturn Arizona’s recently enacted law making federal immigration crimes, state crimes and making the federal requirement that immigrants carry identification at all times a state requirement as well.

CBS news also confirmed this.

Both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder both stated previously that they were considering taking action. Apparently, Clinton let the cat out of the bag.

Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is understandably furious. She bangs the administration for forcing her to find out of the impending lawsuit through viewing an Ecuadorian television with Clinton.

CBS’s own polling shows that a majority of American citizens support the Arizona law, which goes into effect in July. Their poll finds that 52% the law is “about right”, 17% believe it doesn’t go far enough, 28% are against it, and 3% are unsure. 69% in favor of the law and 28% against. Seems like a mandate to us.

Perhaps the Feds should start enforcing the law instead of once again reverting to lawyers to solve the nation’s problems.

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