Wednesday, June 23, 2010

US Dept. of Labor focusing on jobs for illegals

US Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, recently rolled out a PSA focusing on pay fairness for both legal and illegal workers. In it, she asks the exploited to contact their office if their is a pay fairness issue.

As the Obama administration readies their lawyers to challenge the Arizona Immigration law and fends off charges of intentionally avoiding border security for political reasons, it further demonstrates their tone-deaf approach to the issue of Illegal Immigration.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Merkel Removes Head from Posterior

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will begin a push to exit stimulus schemes and instead focus on budget consolidation at the next G20 summit. The EU is concerned, rightly so, about their spiraling debt and their ability to pay.

This is in clear contrast to the position of President Obama. Obama just attempted to warn EU countries against reducing their budgets.

It is virtually mathematically impossible to pay the debt we have today. Worse, our debt continues to grow and the President continually argues in favor of it expanding. The President, Congress, and Senate need to understand that we cannot spend money we do not have as Germany just did.

Reason.TV on FCC taking over the Internet

Obama to Challenge Arizona Immigration Law

Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated in an interview that the Obama Justice Department will file a federal lawsuit to overturn Arizona’s recently enacted law making federal immigration crimes, state crimes and making the federal requirement that immigrants carry identification at all times a state requirement as well.

CBS news also confirmed this.

Both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder both stated previously that they were considering taking action. Apparently, Clinton let the cat out of the bag.

Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is understandably furious. She bangs the administration for forcing her to find out of the impending lawsuit through viewing an Ecuadorian television with Clinton.

CBS’s own polling shows that a majority of American citizens support the Arizona law, which goes into effect in July. Their poll finds that 52% the law is “about right”, 17% believe it doesn’t go far enough, 28% are against it, and 3% are unsure. 69% in favor of the law and 28% against. Seems like a mandate to us.

Perhaps the Feds should start enforcing the law instead of once again reverting to lawyers to solve the nation’s problems.

Federal Agents Raid Democrat Senator’s Home & Office

On Friday, Federal Agents raided both the home and office of Democratic Senate Minority Leader Bob Mellow.

Mellow’s spokeswoman, Lisa Scullin, stated that she did not know what the focus of the raid was. Scullin also stated that she was sure that Mellow did nothing wrong.

Perhaps Mellow could release a copy of the search warrant to the media so that any confusion as to what the investigators were looking for could be dispelled.

Mellow announced earlier that he would not seek re-election.

John Blake is the Democratic nominee for the spot, Frank Scavo is the Republican.

Blake was unavailable for comment.

Scavo issued the following statement in a release:

“The raid on both Senator Bob Mellow’s home and office is yet another black eye for Northeastern Pennsylvania . Once again, a negative light is cast upon our area. Obviously, this investigation has to run its course and I have the full faith and confidence in our law enforcement professionals to see that this is done properly and without bias.

“However, John Blake was hand-picked by Senator Mellow himself to replace him in the Senate. I think the voters of the 22nd District demand and deserve to know the extent of Mr. Blake’s relationship with Senator Mellow and whether or not Mr. Blake still proudly accepts Mr. Mellow’s endorsement.”

Scavo is correct in the assertions of this statement. It is widely known that Blake received the full support of Mellow in his bid to replace him. The Scranton Times ran a photo of the two in an embrace in their post election coverage which was pretty hard to miss (front page above the fold.) If you look at the election results in the Mellow strongholds, it is evident that Mellow’s influence is impressive and wide-spread. This is particularly true in the Mid-Valley and Valley View sections of Lackawanna County.

Additionally, according to Campaign Finance Records, Blake was the recipient of:

$10,000 on 4/21/2010 from the Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee
$25,000 on 5/5/2010 from the Democratic State Senate Campaign
$11,000 on 5/13/2010 from the Democratic State Senate Campaign
$2,200 on 5/21/2010 from the Democratic State Senate Campaign

Blake clearly has the financial support of the Senate Democrats, of which Mellow is the Leader.

So, the question remains, what is Blake to do?

Blake’s friendship with Mellow is well known. He cannot deny their friendship and close association.

Mellow played a part in his electoral victory over some rather serious political players in Lackawanna County which is also widely known.

Blake’s campaign was also strongly supported financially by the Democratic State Senate Campaign. Will that support dry up if Blake turns his back on the Democrat in charge of the Democratic Senators?

Blake is not in a good position. The Feds just hit his political mentor’s home and office and all he has been able to do so far is avoid the media. That isn’t going to be an option for much longer. Especially since Scavo certainly will not avoid the media.

Blake’s decisions in the coming days will shape the dynamic of this race. If Blake fumbles, look for Scavo’s campaign to get a whole new lease on life.

Lastly, don’t be surprised if that photo mentioned earlier appears a few more times in this campaign. It will probably be the flag Scavo waves from here on out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Hate from the Left

Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge going into a berserker rage because someone had the temerity to ask him if he "fully supports the Obama agenda."

Seems like a simple enough question.

As he assaults his questioner, the Democratic Congressman demands to know who he is.

This gets us thinking about Town Hall meetings and the fact that we probably won't get to see too many of them.

If our members of Congress cannot handle a question as simple as whether or not they support the President's agenda, how are they ever going to handle real questions of substance?

Three Card Monte

The Democratic-controlled house is currently pushing a measure to use just 20% of the proposed severance tax on shale drilling for host communities and the environment. The other 80% will be dumped into the Harrisburg black hole a.k.a. the general fund.

One estimate stated that $300 million could be raised by this tax. If that were true, Democrats want to take only $60 million and split it between protection of the environment and as an offset to costs incurred by host communities. They will keep the remaining $240 million for themselves.


Not one person that votes for that kind of arrangement can call themselves an environmentalist, conservationist, or an honest politician for that matter.

This is being billed as a means to protect the environment and help our local communities yet they put forward a proposal where only a small percentage of the money will actually be used for that purpose.

This tax is a sham. All the Democratic House Leadership wants to do is shovel more tax money into their coffers. Hopefully, this will be transparent to the taxpayers. Every candidate for office should be asked why Harrisburg needs 80% of the new taxes raised on this and the communities and the environment only deserve 20%. It certainly cannot because they have done such a good job with the money they have been given so far.

Democratic Governor Rendell has been habitually late with his budgets. If he worked in the private sector, he would have been fired a long time ago. He and his Harrisburg cronies have consistently spent money they didn’t have and now they think they deserve more?

This is the worst case of three card monte being played on the taxpayers in a long time.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man Up?!?

Yesterday, Democratic Governor Ed Rendell stated that the legislature should “man up” and pass tax increases to fill the $1.7 billion hole in the budget.

Opponents of tax Rendell’s proposed $300 million in tax increases say that this will have the inevitably further cripple the economy and raise unemployment. Rendell disagrees.

Where Fast Eddy got his economics degree, we don’t know. The argument that increasing taxes will in any way create jobs or protect jobs (outside of government jobs) is a joke and the same type of thinking that gave us the crap-sandwich a.k.a. stimulus bill.

Rendell’s stewardship of Pennsylvania has lead to increases in taxes, higher unemployment, and a ballooning deficit. Why should anyone trust his leadership now?

There was a great aggregation of studies on taxes. If our elected officials want to actually fix our economy, they should read it.

To summarize, several economists found that:

•Tax cuts boost economic growth more than government spending

• If your goal is to cut a deficit, you must cut taxes and decrease spending, not increase taxes or maintain spending.

• Tax increases hurt economic growth especially if used to maintain government spending.

• Cutting taxes on Corporations boosts economic growth and employee wages

• Tax rates are quickly approaching levels where they are so high that they actually net less money

Rendell’s plan in particular and the Democratic leadership’s plan in general does virtually nothing but raise taxes and fees. They do not substantially cut spending. They do not reform Harrisburg. And, they certainly do not create a pathway for Pennsylvania to begin its economic recovery.

Apparently, Democratic State Representative Kevin Murphy (113th) is taking Democratic Governor Ed Rendell’s advice and “manning up” on a severance tax. He is concerned that these companies are not paying their "fair share." Hey Kev, Pennsylvania has some of the highest and most regressive taxes for business. Everyone in business pays more than their "fair share" as is.

When you compare the proposals to the rhetoric you will see a careful and deliberate attempt to mislead the general public on what Harrisburg intends to do with this money.

First of all, proposals are not all about deep well shale drilling. They want to tax all gas extraction. Even short wells. So, if you have a short well on your farm, you will get pulled into this tax.

As far as what the money will be used for if Rendell has his way, a paltry 10% will be used to offset local problems and environmental concerns. 90% will be used to cover Harrisburg’s pensions and the money that is drying up from the aforementioned crap sandwich a.k.a. stimulus bill. So, the argument that this will be used to protect the environment and improve infrastructure in the host communities is almost (90%) an absolute lie.

If they want to pass a severance tax, 100% should be used to protect the environment, inspect wells, pay for cleanup if accidents occur, remove waste and slurry and improve the infrastructure of the host communities. Why isn’t anyone proposing that?

The answer is quite simple. A severance tax isn’t about cleaning up the environment, improving infrastructure, or regulating drilling. The severance tax is about injecting more money into the mismanagement that governs us in Harrisburg.

How can Kevin Murphy and the other Democratic “leaders” suggest that anything less than 100% of this tax should be used to protect the environment. A mere 10% and the rest should be dumped into a combination of the black hole of Harrisburg wasteful spending and pensions? That is an insult at best, more of the same from Harrisburg at worst.

Educate yourself on these proposals.

If you are concerned about the noble effort of conserving our resources, protecting our environs, and assisting host communities with the burden they bear for having this industry in their community this is not the answer. If Harrisburg wants a severance tax, everyone should demand that it be used for these purposes and for these purposes only.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Andrew Klavan: Fun With Anti-Semitism

Great illustration of the lunacy of the left with respect to Israel.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Bloviation and Blunder

In a profound demonstration of ignorance, some of the talking heads, including a local on WILK News Radio, were complaining that the textbooks our children learn from may soon strike the language that defines the United States as a “Democracy” and replace it with the term “Constitutional Republic.”

It has been asked “is this because they want to strike the word Democracy from our language because it sound like Democrat?” Or, was it “because the word Republic is closer to the word Republican?”

No, you can take your tin foil hat off, it isn’t because of that. It’s just because it is a fact.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic.

The Constitution of the United States guarantees to every state a Republican form of government. That is, no state may join these United States unless they are a Republic since the United States is organized into a Republic.

Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution contains what is sometimes called the “Guarantee Clause.” It states:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government”

As a matter of fact, when the founders developed the Constitution, they specifically wanted to avoid the formation of a Democracy.

If you read the Federalist Papers (you know, in books) James Madison states in No. 10:

“Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

So, a word of advice – before you start spouting off about books and changes to the books that we teach our children with, you might actually want to read a book or two.

Children are indoctrinated with all sorts of crap in our schools. That is true. But this item, suggested in the changes by the Texans, is far from it.

Pictorial essay of President Obama’s “Singular Focus” on the BP Oil Spill

More Hate from the Left

Helen Thomas, far left member of the White House Press Corps for what seems like eons, let slip her opinion of where the Jews in Israel should go...

Seems like Tony Snow, former Bush White House Spokesman, nailed it when he accused Thomas of espousing the “Hezbollah view.”

The silence from the media has been deafening.

We won’t hold our breath waiting for her to be rebuked by this administration. President Obama has failed to support Israel since he took the oath of office, think he will start now?

Unemployment Numbers…Good News?

The Department of Labor announced that payrolls rose by 431,000 jobs last month. The prediction was that we would have 536,000 new jobs but hey, when it comes to the government, being right 80% of the time isn’t bad right?

This creation of jobs caused the U3 unemployment rate to drop from 9.9% to 9.7%. Also good news right?

The short answer is no.

The vast majority (90%) of the 431,000 jobs were from the once-a-decade census. These are temporary jobs that will disappear in a few months.

And about that unemployment rate, the funny thing is, it doesn’t include the underemployed. You know, those folks that have had to pick up three part-time jobs to pay the bills. The U3 really only calculates the percentage of people who are unemployed but still seeking a job in the last four weeks. If you really want to know how many people cannot find a job or are woefully underemployed, you have to look at the U6 unemployment calculation. That, by the way, is 16.6%.

As we write this, the National Debt Clock shows that the National Debt is about $13,041,782,000,000. That is $42,149 per citizen and $118,273 per taxpayer in the US.

If almost 10% of the US’s able bodied workers cannot find a job and almost 7% are working at the nearest burger joint, how are they ever going to pay back their share of the thirteen trillion dollars?

Make no mistake, the Democrats in control of the White House, Senate, and Congress will have no choice but to raise taxes on everyone to pay this debt. And as far as that Obama promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 per year, think again. It is mathematically impossible.

According to the Federal Reserve, when you add up all of the physical money in circulation, the physical money held in bank vaults, all of the deposits banks have, all of the check accounts, all of the traveler’s checks accounts, retail money market accounts, certificates of deposit, and other money market-type accounts you come to about $8.5 trillion dollars. That’s about $4,541,000,000,000 less than the national debt.

That means the government could seize virtually every dollar in circulation and still not pay the debt. They simply cannot balance this debt on the backs of the rich. Nor can they do it on the backs of every citizen. This is the definition of out of control spending.