Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out of State Cash Fuels Kanjorski, Specter

The Pennsylvania Independent ran an analysis of campaign funding in Pennsylvania. The story reports that Democrat Paul Kanjorski is the dean of out-of-state cash in the congressional delegation.

According to the report, Paul Kanjorski pulled a shocking 57% of his campaign cash from out-of-state sources. Two big funding sources in the current cycle for Kanjorski were $46,000 from New York and $34,000 from Washington. For comparison purposes, Democrat Chris Carney only pulled 21% of his cash from out-of-state sources.

As for his opponents, Barletta pulled 13%, Obrien pulled 9%, and Kelly reported $0 from out-of-state sources.

As for industry dollars, Kanjorski's largest supporters were the insurance industry followed by the securities and investment industries. Barletta's was from Leadership PACs and other candidates. O'Brien's was from lawyers/law firms followed by building trade unions.

The report also found that Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat Arlen Specter raked in the more out-of-state cash than Pennsylvania's other Senator, Bob Casey Jr. Specter pulled 47% of his funds from out-of-state sources. Casey, 36%.