Sunday, April 25, 2010

Only 22% Trust the Federal Government

A recent Pew Poll found that Americans are increasingly viewing their government as a threat to their liberties, not a defender of them.

The poll found that only 22% believe their government will do what is right most or all of the time. That is the lowest level recorded since 1994.

47% believe the government poses a threat to their rights and freedoms, 30% believe the government poses a major threat.

One of the larger corollaries to these types of questions is the economic condition of the country. After their bailouts that were supposed to create millions of jobs and keep unemployment at 8% (its now around 10%,) Congress focused its efforts on health care. Now, there is talk that they will tread into Immigration Reform AKA Amnesty. All the while, ignoring the economy.

These kind of numbers suggest a major problem for the Democrats in the mid-term elections. The last time these questions were asked and the numbers came out this way was right before the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994.

The Democratic Party is the party in power. The Democratic Party has had control of both the House and the Senate since the 2006 Elections. They have had control of the Presidency since the 2008 Election.

The "blame Bush" game simply isn't going to work in 2010.

The best chance they have of keeping absolute control is an improved economy. Too bad for them, everything they are suggesting (tax increases and unfunded mandates) will not improve the economy.

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