Friday, April 30, 2010

Evans Calls Out Doherty

Democrat Scranton City Council Member Janet Evans called out Democrat Mayor Chris Doherty on his claims that he fought to cut his pay (she claims he never did) and that he is in favor of cutting spending (she claims he never was in practice.)

She also point out that under Doherty's "leadership":

Debt increased to $316,000,000

Borrowed over $100,000,000 to balance Scranton's Budget

Raised taxes 25%

And that Doherty actually sued to stop Scranton City Council from cutting what they saw as the "fat" from Scranton's budget.

Sestak Responds to Specter's "Swiftboating"

Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat United States Senator Arlen Specter took flak for attacking Admiral Joe Sestak's military career. Specter was accused of "Swiftboating" Sestak.

This is Sestak's response:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daryl Metcalfe Stumps at 5th RTKBA Rally

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, organizer of the Fifth Annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally in Harrisburg took the occasion to discuss his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor according to Joe Baer at the Philadelphia Daily News.

Described as “arguably the state’s most pro-gun legislator,” “as conservative as it gets,” and “a double-barreled booster for gun rights and the political right,” Metcalfe swore that as Lieutenant Governor, if the Governor ever tries to enact any gun control legislation he would run against him in the next Election.

He went on to say that if elected Lieutenant Governor, both parties would move to abolish the office since he refuses to be a silent side-kick.

Metcalfe was joined by NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre, Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt, former Texas lawmaker and national right-to-carry advocate Suzanna Hupp and several hundred pro-gun supporters at the event.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Polling Update

A new Rasmussen Poll released yesterday gives Republicans a 6% advantage over Democrats in a generic ballot test of the likely voters.

The poll found that 44% would support the Republican candidate and 38% would vote for the Democrat.

Last week, Republicans had a 10% lead.

Most telling are the Independents. 43% would vote for the Republican, 28% for the Democrat.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cawley Hits the Air Waves

Endorsed Republican candidate for Lt. Governor Jim Cawley announced today that he will be the first candidate to go up with a television commerical. The commercial is embeded below.

We have listed the Republican candidates for Lt. Governor in ballot order and with the links to their websites below.

Steve Johnson
Jean Craige Pepper
Russ Diamond
Chet Beiler
Jim Cawley
Billy McCue
John Kennedy
Stephen A. Urban
Daryl Metcalfe

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out of State Cash Fuels Kanjorski, Specter

The Pennsylvania Independent ran an analysis of campaign funding in Pennsylvania. The story reports that Democrat Paul Kanjorski is the dean of out-of-state cash in the congressional delegation.

According to the report, Paul Kanjorski pulled a shocking 57% of his campaign cash from out-of-state sources. Two big funding sources in the current cycle for Kanjorski were $46,000 from New York and $34,000 from Washington. For comparison purposes, Democrat Chris Carney only pulled 21% of his cash from out-of-state sources.

As for his opponents, Barletta pulled 13%, Obrien pulled 9%, and Kelly reported $0 from out-of-state sources.

As for industry dollars, Kanjorski's largest supporters were the insurance industry followed by the securities and investment industries. Barletta's was from Leadership PACs and other candidates. O'Brien's was from lawyers/law firms followed by building trade unions.

The report also found that Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat Arlen Specter raked in the more out-of-state cash than Pennsylvania's other Senator, Bob Casey Jr. Specter pulled 47% of his funds from out-of-state sources. Casey, 36%.

Only 22% Trust the Federal Government

A recent Pew Poll found that Americans are increasingly viewing their government as a threat to their liberties, not a defender of them.

The poll found that only 22% believe their government will do what is right most or all of the time. That is the lowest level recorded since 1994.

47% believe the government poses a threat to their rights and freedoms, 30% believe the government poses a major threat.

One of the larger corollaries to these types of questions is the economic condition of the country. After their bailouts that were supposed to create millions of jobs and keep unemployment at 8% (its now around 10%,) Congress focused its efforts on health care. Now, there is talk that they will tread into Immigration Reform AKA Amnesty. All the while, ignoring the economy.

These kind of numbers suggest a major problem for the Democrats in the mid-term elections. The last time these questions were asked and the numbers came out this way was right before the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994.

The Democratic Party is the party in power. The Democratic Party has had control of both the House and the Senate since the 2006 Elections. They have had control of the Presidency since the 2008 Election.

The "blame Bush" game simply isn't going to work in 2010.

The best chance they have of keeping absolute control is an improved economy. Too bad for them, everything they are suggesting (tax increases and unfunded mandates) will not improve the economy.

Shocking Undercover Videos Expose Abortion Clinic

New Report on Healthcare

A new report, issued by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Actuary, dealing with the estimated financial effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as Amended (AKA HCR) has some pretty scary findings.

The report states:
  • National Health care Expenditures will increase by $311 Billion under HCR
  • Health care increases to 21% of GDP by 2019
  • HCR actually spends more than $828 billion
  • 18 million people will still be uninsured
  • The uninsured as well as businesses that do not offer insurance will pay $120 billion in new taxes
  • 50% of seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Docs will not accept Medicare due to changes to reimbursement rates

I guess the only defense for something like this is that, despite what they say, there is no way most of the Congress men and women read this monstrosity. They probably didn't know it actually did what many had stated early on (especially those protesters that actually read the bill.)

The only bipartisanship in this bill was found in its opposition. The Democratic majority barely forced this bill through without a single Republican vote.

46% Expect an Obama Tax Hike

According to the most recent Rasmussen Poll, 46% of Americans expect a tax hike from the Democratic Obama Administration.

The same poll found that only 12% believe their taxes will go down under Obama.

57% stated that they belived tax hikes would be bad for the economy.

The taxing questions were likely asked due to Democratic President Obama's statement that he would consider a Value Added Tax (VAT.) He has since recanted.

From the video below, we think he was pretty clear on his postion on VATs.

Kanjorski Takes Heat for Staffers at Campaign Event

The Times Leader reports that Democratic Congressman Paul Kanjorski is catching some heat from every one of his opponents over official, taxpayer-funded staff being present at a campaign event.

The O'Brien campaign points out that Kanjorski staffers Karen Feather, Paul Maher, and Joe Werner were all present at the recent private Arlen Specter Avoca campaign event during the hours of 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm. For most folks, these are regular work hours.

The Kanjorski campaign directly addressed Werner attending the event but did not discuss Feather or Maher in published reports.

The Kelly campaign stated that they believed Kanjorski did everything "by the book" but wanted to see the reports to confirm this.

The Barletta campaign requested a log of the staffers time and stated that they hoped that official staffers working a reduced schedule were not still recieving full benefits and pensions.

Both Kelly and O'Brien are challenging Kanjorski for the Democratic nomination. Barletta seeks to challenge the victor of the Democratic Primary.

Friday, April 23, 2010

PA Gubernatorial Update - Guvs on Guns

Back in March, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce held a forum for Pennsylvania’s Governor hopefuls. All six candidates attended.

One question raised was on the subject of allowing local municipalities to enact their own firearm ordinances.

A bit of background for perspective, Pennsylvania has a strict preemption clause in its Constitution. Because of this, municipalities are not allowed to legislate issues reserved for the state.

As it relates to firearms, this is good policy since it would create a patchwork of different firearm regs across the state. Unintentionally run afoul of one and you could end up in some serious trouble.

Additionally, Pennsylvania’s Constitution (you know, the document these guys all hope to swear to follow and defend) is pretty clear on the issue. Article 1 contains the Declaration of Rights. Section 21 states “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” This language has been protected since the late 1700’s.

So, when asked about whether they believed local municipalities should be able to create their own firearm legislation, Democrat Jack Wagner and Republicans Tom Corbett and Sam Rohrer said no. The remaining Democrats in the race all stated that they did believe municipalities should be able to legislate their own gun laws.


Republican State Sen. Lisa Baker, of Lehman Township, was honored for her outstanding service at the first GOP Women In Politics Breakfast on April 17 at the Ramada Hotel, Public Square. The event was hosted by the Luzerne County Council of Republican Women.

The event honored all Republican women who are holding elected office at the state, county, school board and municipal levels.

Baker, 48, of Lehman Township, was presented the 2010 GOP Woman In Politics Award. Baker, a longtime party worker and committee person, is completing her first term in the Pennsylvania Senate where she represents the 20th District which includes parts of Luzerne, Monroe and Susquehanna counties and all of Pike, Wayne and Wyoming counties. She chairs the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee and is a member of these committees: Aging and Youth; Appropriations; Communications and Technology; Environmental Resources and Energy; and Public Health and Welfare.

Baker is active in the community and serves on the board of directors of the United Way of Wyoming Valley; WVIA Public Broadcasting; and the advisory board of Penn State Wilkes-Barre.

She held top-level positions under governors Tom Ridge and Mark Schweiker and was chief of staff to state Sen. Charles Lemmond.

A graduate of Dallas High School and Shippensburg University, she and her husband Gary have a son Carson.

Baker is seeking re-election to her second term of office this year.

Rose Ann Gaetano and Michael Narcavage seeking Re-election to Republican State Committee

Scranton, PA—Rose Ann Gaetano is seeking her 5th term on Republican State Committee. She was elected back in 2002 and served for the pass eight years representing Lackawanna County on the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee. Michael Narcavage is seeking his second term. Ms Gaetano and Mr. Narcavage are running as team.

Rose Ann Gaetano

Rose Ann, a resident of Dunmore, PA has been active in Republican Politics for over 30 years: severing as Republican Committee Women, member of the Margery Scranton Council of Republican Women, member of the PA Federation of Republican Women. She attended the Republican National Conventions in 2002, 2004 and 2008. In 2008, Rose was elected delegate and alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention. She was the top voter getter for both delegate and alternate delegate in the 11th Congressional District. She was elected by PA Convention Delegation to serve on the Rules Committee for the 2008 Convention.

Rose Ann is also active in the local community. She is a member of UNICO National Scranton Chapter. She recently services as co-chairperson of the groups community service day. Rose is also a member of the Dunmore Lions, Operation Honduras, Family to Family, Daffodils Days for America Cancer Society. She is also a member of Century Club in Scranton. She is a graduate of Dunmore High School, Lackawanna Beauty School and is employed by HarperCollins Publishers, Dunmore, PA.
Rose Ann sees the Republican Party as the party of individual liberty, economic opportunity, limited government, personal responsibility and security at home and abroad.

Michael Narcavage

Michael Narcavage of Eynon is seeking re-election to his second term on the Republican State Committee of Lackawanna County. Michael has been working in grassroots Republican political campaigns for many years. He has worked on municipal and school board races as well as campaigns from the courthouse, state house, U.S. House and White House. Michael began his professional political career with former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum. He worked for Santorum for ten years starting as an intern then becoming a full-time staffer: first as a caseworker, then as the Director of Community and Economic Development, and finally as a State Director. While working for the Senate, his region covered sixteen Pennsylvania counties in the Northeast and Lehigh Valley regions. This experience afforded him a depth and breadth of political knowledge in many regions of the Commonwealth. He now works for Chesapeake Energy as a Local Government Specialist in the Corporate Development Department. Prior to that, he served as the Borough Manager of Archbald Borough, where he remains a member of the Borough Planning Commission.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Release from Luzerne GOP

Luzerne County Republican Party

41 S. Main St. Ste. 14

Wilkes-Barre PA 18701

570-208-GOP1 or

For More Information

Contact: Walter Mitchell 570-709-0850

WILKES-BARRE - The Luzerne County Republican Party will hold a voter registration drive at eight locations across the county on Saturday.

Drive Chairman Walter Mitchell says the volunteers will be prepared to help any county resident complete the forms, regardless of their chosen party affiliation.

“Naturally, we hope that registrants will align themselves with the party of honesty, transparency and fiscal responsibility, namely the GOP,” Mitchell said. “But this drive is designed to get as many people registered to vote as possible. We cannot change the status quo without the ability to cast a ballot.”

The deadline to register to vote in the May 18 primary election is April 19.

Dozens of volunteers will have all the materials necessary to register. Here are the locations and times:

* Bear Creek Township: Bear Mart Convenience Store, Route 115,

10 a.m.-noon

Dallas: Thomas' Super Store, Country Club Shopping Center, Route 309,

9 a.m.-3 p.m.

* Hazleton: Churc Hill Mall, 1063 N. Church St., noon- 4 p.m.

* Hazleton: Markle Building, 8 W. Broad St., noon-4 p.m.

* West Pittston: Borough Recycling Center, 9 a.m.-noon

* Wilkes-Barre: Schiel's Market (Parsons) 10 a.m.-noon

* Wilkes-Barre: Public Squre, 6-7 p.m.

* Wilkes-Barre Township: Arena Hub Plaza, Old Navy, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.


Kanjorski Rock Big Wall Street Dollars

Wizard of Wall Street Episode 2

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