Monday, January 11, 2010

CQ Politics Moves PA-11 From Likely Democrat to Leans Democrat

With the entrance of Republican Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta into the race for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District, CQ Politics has adjusted their handicapping from Likely Democrat to Leans Democrat.

The scale used is Strong Democrat to Likely Democrat to Leans Democrat to Tossup to Leans Republican to Likely Republican to Strong Republican.

This could be viewed as good news for both Kanjorski and Barletta.

Because Barletta has moved the race form a largely uncompetitive setting to a more competitive one, resources will likely be available to him that would not otherwise available. The same can be said of Democrat Incumbent Congressman Paul Kanjorski. The DCCC will do what they can to protect the seat from the Hazleton Mayor.

In NEPA’s other Congressional District, 10th District Democrat Congressman Chris Carney holds a Likely Democrat in CQ’s ranking. This is despite the entrance of Republican Commissioner Malcolm Derk.

Other potential contenders yet to officially announce are Dr. David Madeira of Luzerne County and former US Attorney Republican Tom Marino. Madeira stated that he intends to announce soon and Marino is rumored to be considering entering the race.

You can read the CQ rankings here.