Monday, December 21, 2009

Healthcare Update

In a late night effort to keep an arbitrary “before Christmas” deadline on the Senate Healthcare Proposal, it has become apparent that serious wrangling had to occur to get the magic 60 votes.

The awarding of x million tax dollars to benefit Democrat Louisiana Senator Mary Landrou’s home state is now infamously known as the “Louisiana Purchase.”

Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson faces serious outrage for securing the exemption of Nebraskans from ever having to pay for the unfunded mandate of increased medicaid funding. Instead, everyone else will foot the bill for Nelson’s Nebraska. This one has been dubbed the “Corn Husker Kickback.”

Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Dodd secured $100 million in federal funding for the construction of a University Hospital which at time of writing has yet to be named (hopefully that isn’t an indication that it will be named for Dodd.)

Vermont and Massachusetts also won extra medicaide monies.

So besides higher taxes, the gutting of medicare, government intrusion into 1/6 of the US economy, and unfunded mandates for nearly every state (those with Senators not adroit enough to secure your tax dollars for their use in their state) what does this leave under the tree for you and me?

It might throw something in towards the new Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton (and might explain why Dodd’s hospital has yet to be named.)

Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Colburn was quoted by in the same CNBC story as saying “This process is not legislation…this is corruption. It’s a shame that the only way we can come to a consensus in this country is to buy votes,” referring to the late-night deals performed by Democrats to secure the 60 votes necessary to pass the bill.

Colburn is correct and activists should work to kill the bill.

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