Sunday, November 8, 2009

Democrat Healthcare Bill Passed

Late last night, House Democrats narrowly passed their comprehensive healthcare reform bill putting healthcare (1/6th of the US economy) firmly in the control of the government. The 220-215 vote had the defection of 39 Democrats along all but one Republican in the House. The vote comes on the heels of voting down a Republican-authored reform bill by a vote of 258-176. Every single Democrat voted against the Republican bill.

Of those Democrats in districts won by John McCain in 2008, 18 voted against the bill. Of those Democrats in districts barely won by Barack Obama in 2008, 8 voted against the bill.

The Pennsylvania Democrats who voted for the bill were: Brady, Carney, Dahlkemper, Doyle, Fattah, Kanjorski, Patrick, Murtha, Schwartz, and Sestak. All others voted against it with the exception of Murphy, he must have voted “Present” instead of voting at all unless there is a typo in the roll call results.

Some differences in the legislation:

The Democrat bill was 2,032 pages and CBO estimates place its cost at around $3 trillion over ten years. The Republican bill was 219 pages and had an estimated cost of $61 billion.

The Democrat bill requires all citizens to purchase health insurance or face criminal/civil penalties. The Republican bill did not.

The Democrat bill prevents insurance companies from denying covering for “pre-existing conditions.” The Republican bill did not.

The Democrat bill makes massive cuts ($500 billion) to medicare spending. The Republican bill did not.

The Democrat bill raises taxes by $752.6 billion. The Republican bill did not raise taxes.

The Democrat bill would cover undocumented immigrants. The Republican bill did not.

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Donnie said...

Well as this health care bill went through. Our congressman Paul Kanjorski voted for it. As we are head high in debt and many American's are against more debt. It lets us to believe that Rep. Kanjorski is not working on behalf of his constituents. But for himself as he always has. This Rep. should have been voted out years ago. His own interest have always come first. And a lot of us know it. But the not so wise have always kept him in office.