Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rematch Round 4

WILK News Radio was the first to report it in an on-air interview…

Democrat businessman Gary DiBileo will seek a rematch against Democrat Chris Doherty for the Mayor of Scranton.

In the 2009 Primary Election, DiBileo lost to Doherty on the Democratic side. Doherty ran a spirited (and costly) write-in campaign to secure the Republican nomination as well. A committee, the Concerned Republicans for Mayor Chris Doherty led the effort.

Now that Doherty has formed a state PAC and announced a campaign team, his run for Governor of the Commonwealth is all but declared.

DiBileo points out that Doherty didn’t even finish his Mayoral election cycle in 2009 before setting up his state activities. Should Doherty be elected in 2009 and seek the Governorship in 2010, Scranton will likely be run by an absentee Mayor. That is just a fact of life on the campaign trail. Pennsylvania has 67 counties, if Doherty is seriously considering a run for Governor, he will have to visit them all. That is tough to do if you are in City Hall during its hours of operation Monday through Friday.

Chris Doherty is a proven fundraiser. As an all but declared candidate for Governor, he is going to have to win Scranton. If he cannot win his hometown, no one will take him seriously statewide. Enter the thorn of DiBileo.

By declaring a write-in against Doherty, DiBileo will certainly force Doherty to spend more than he had anticipated in the November Election. This will also serve as a distraction to his state efforts. This is “do or die” politically for Doherty. If he cannot win his home city, he will not be taken seriously on the state-wide stage.

Another complication is Doherty’s announcement that he is now pro-abortion. Scranton is known to be a blue collar, hard working, Catholic town. Jumping ship on abortion is sure to rile at least some of the voters that he had before.

In Doherty’s favor is the fact that he is on the ballot for both nominations. DiBileo faces the structural hurdle of conducting a write-in effort. It is no easy task and one that certainly costs more money than a traditional race. The other distinct advantage is that as a campaigner, DiBileo has always been timid. Doherty has a host of political liabilities including broken promises. DiBileo failed to capitalize on them in every campaign he has waged against Doherty. Perhaps he has learned from his past mistakes and will now discuss issues like

Bad use of taxpayer money

And more bad use of taxpayer money

Careless use of personal information

Shirking of the Audit Law

And losing funding because of shirking audit law

Ripping down private homes without due process

And who can forget the gang problem which was first denied and now is evident, 25% tax increase, ridiculous borrowing, and near union busting activities of this administration

And, the new issue of flipping to a pro-abortion stance

Gary DiBileo has yet to prove that he has the stomach for the kind of campaigning necessary to beat Doherty. Maybe he will realize that not only Doherty’s political future, but his own will rest on this election…if nothing else, Scranton politics are always interesting.

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