Monday, September 7, 2009

Doherty Deceit on Abortion

The Democratic Mayor of Scranton, Chris Doherty, has now declared that he is pro-abortion.

Previously, Doherty was declared as “Pro-Life” by the local chapter of the Pennsylvanians for Human Life (PHL). On September 27 of 2003, Doherty penned a proclamation declaring the day “Pennsylvanians for Human Life Day” in Scranton according to local news accounts.

This declaration comes on the heels of Doherty’s exploration of a run for governor of the commonwealth.

The RockinTraddy blog calls Doherty “Scumbag of the Day” for his declaration.

To his detractors, the smell of pure political opportunism is in the air. Scranton is a very Catholic area. It would be anathema to run as a pro-abortion Democrat in the city. As such it seems that Doherty declared himself as pro-life. Now that he is looking to state office, he seems to have had a conversion.

It is no wonder that someone saw it fitting to launch a website entitled or that it has such spirited participation on its message board.

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