Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hopenchange Healthcare

Here is a real gem. The UK and Canadian medical services are constantly pointed as examples of what the nationalization of healthcare will afford Americans. Coming to a hospital near you…

Man collapses after appendix ruptures that Doctors already removed. No, he didn’t have two appendixes and it wasn’t a phantom appendix, it is just that the Doctors flubbed the operation and failed to actually remove his appendix. Lord knows what they actually did cut out of him. After opening him up a second time, the wound grew infected and required a third treatment.

Oh, and the Doctor shortage in the UK is causing them to import Docs from Lithuania, Poland, and other areas. Now, concerns are being raised that patients face Doctors with a poor command of the English language as well as having seriously fatigued Doctors making medical decisions. Being able to accurately communicate with someone seeking medical attention should be a pre-requisite. That is why hospitals in the US have bi-lingual doctors. These problems in the UK translated into a 70 year-old kidney patient being given 10X’s the recommended dosage of morphine and an 86 year-old woman dying of a heart attack because her doctor didn’t send her to a hospital.

A prime domestic example of government-run healthcare run amuck is the VA. Recently, the VA mistakingly informed about 1,200 Veterans that they had a deadly disease. Thankfully, the Veterans that received this notice did not actually have the disease and a correction was made. The government blamed a “coding error” for the mistake.

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