Sunday, August 30, 2009

Democrat Chairman Cited for Public Drunkenness

The Scranton Times reports that former Scranton School Director and current Chairman of the City of Scranton’s Democratic Party Committee has been cited for public drunkenness.

The citation arose Wednesday night after the Democratic Chairman allegedly tried to intervene in an assault investigation/arrest that a Scranton Police Officer was attempting at the bar that the Democratic Chairman was at.

According to the Times, Moran said to the police officer “Do you recognize my name, do you know who I am?” The police officer responded by stating that he didn’t recognize him and said “should I?” Moran responded by stating “remember my name,” to the officer.

Democratic Chairman Moran denied claims that he tried to intimidate the officer.

Based on the Scranton Times’s reporting, it appears the Democratic Chairman exited the bar to intervene with the investigation/arrest by trying to explain why the assault happened. He re-entered the bar and then exited the bar again to further confront the police officer after an undisclosed period of time. The police officer ordered him to go back inside of the bar to which the Democratic Chairman assumed a “defensive posturing while staring the officer in the eyes,” according to the Times. The officer then arrested Moran due to his “intoxicated state” and “his aggressive behavior.”

Moran also denies being intoxicated at the time. He says that he only had two or three beers in 45 minutes according to the Times. He also denies acting in any type of menacing way or making the “remember my name” comments.

The assault allegedly included a woman striking another woman and then going on to kick the police officer in question in the groin.

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