Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bush Appointee to be Nominated by Obama

The New York Times reports that Ben Bernake, embattled Fed Chairman under the Bush Administration, will be reappointed to Chair the Fed by the Obama Administration. Hopenchange, here we come!

Kind of funny to watch this video. Democrat Congressman Doggett dogged Bernake for borrowing and spending under the Bush Administration. He takes him to task for debt of 3 or 4 trillion dollars and spending close to the first bailout, TARP.

Obama’s bailout, the second bailout, was $787 Billion or almost twice that of the TARP program. Obama, just a day ago, upped the debt projection to 9 Trillion dollars. He also flips over $3,000 debt for every man, woman and child…it is closer to $10,000 less than a year later.

Best of all is Doggett’s complaint about pushing legislation through in a day or two…less time that was allowed for the $787 Billion Obama Bailout…which he voted for.

At the end of the day, Democrat Doggett and many in his party have ownership of the $787 Billion Bailout a.k.a. Crap Sandwich. They passed for the $787 Billion dollar crap sandwich without a single Republican vote in the House. Democrat spending in just a few months has more than doubled the debt projections. The Crap Sandwich was passed with less time to debate than TARP, and crushed the per capita debt…all of his complaints to Bernake. Bernake was a whipping post for the left during TARP but it appears that was only for purpose of rhetoric, not reform.

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