Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brannigan's Update

As we said in the original story, Brannigan’s closure in downtown Scranton was going to be controversial.

The Scranton Times revealed today shocking details about the city’s dealings with Brannigans as it relates to their $650,000 loan. According to the story, Brannigan’s still owes the city $557,096 on the loan. The surprising factor is that they have been in default for over a year.

That means that when the city brokered the deal mentioned in the previous story and when the city started paying Brannigan’s electric bill and forgiving debt, that was all while the bar was in default (with the exception of making one payment) since June of 2008.

Why did the City of Scranton keep quiet this information? This certainly should have been raised prior to the awarding of any further debt forgiveness was even considered. The public (who ultimately financed this boondoggle) had a right to know and the city had an obligation in the interest of fairness to divulge this information prior to awarding any further taxpayer funds.

Democrat Mayor Chris Doherty has some serious explaining to do to the taxpayers of Scranton.

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