Sunday, August 23, 2009

ACLU, Defense Attys Out CIA Operatives and Families

The Washington Post reports that both the ACLU and defense attorneys for Gitmo detainees may have provided photographs of CIA operatives to Gitmo detainees exposing covert operatives, sometimes outside of their family homes.

Remarkably, Valerie Plame, was not contacted for comment on the story. You might remember that in United States vs. Libby, it was alleged Scooter Libby violated the law by disclosing Plame’s employment with the CIA. In essence, blowing her “cover.”

In the Plame case, the act of disclosing a single CIA operative’s identity to a journalist was called treason by a CREW official, Democratic Surrogate and Actor Ben Affleck, Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman, and by Valerie Plame herself.

Yet, the silence is deafening when liberal groups expose the identities, whereabouts, and families of CIA operatives to known terrorists under the Obama Administration. Hopefully, the Obama Justice Department will pursue the outing of many CIA agents and their families with at least the same vigor that Scooter Libby was prosecuted under the Bush Administration.

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