Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hypocrisy Anyone?

The Scranton Times is reporting that the Lackawanna County Board of Commissioners has voted along party lines to hire a private firm to work towards the sale of the county-run nursing home. The full story appears here.

Republican Commissioner AJ Munchak objected to the hiring, believing that the county employees could handle the task.

Democrat Commissioners O’Brien and Washo essentially said wanted to hire a firm to keep them at “arm’s length” in the process. Basically, they are pointing fingers at the previous Republican administration of Munchak & Cordaro because it was believed that the commissioners were too involved in the sale process of Montage Mountain and that they skipped over essential steps in selling the mountain.

Regardless of how you feel about selling the assets of the county, one detail about this process, relegated to the bottom of the story, is a small blurb about another hiring attached to the process…the County hiring the Scranton office of Stevens & Lee to handle legal aspects of the sale at $347 to $464 per hour.

Democrat Commissioner Corey O’Brien worked at Stevens & Lee prior to being elected County Commissioner. It is strange that an aspect like that, hiring someone with which you had a previous business relationship, would not have made the story. It is particularly relevant based on the whole “learning from the past” mantra being issued by the current Democratic majority.

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