Thursday, July 2, 2009


Attempting to deflect blame for mismanaging his home state of California, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is pointing to Pennsylvania and other states that failed to meet their constitutional budget deadlines as proof that this isn’t his failed budget isn’t his fault.

In his defense, the holdout in the budget is very similar to Pennsylvania in that it revolves around taxes. In California, the Republican Governor is refusing to raise taxes more than he already has proposed. The legislature is demanding hiring taxes (how do these people ever get re-elected?) This is causing a budget impasse with those who wish to raise taxes. In Pennsylvania, the Democratic Governor and the Democrat-controlled State House is attempting to raise taxes as much as 16% to at least partially offset Rendell’s spending-heavy budget.

This is one of those dubious distinctions that Pennsylvania really doesn’t need. As usual under Rendell, the budget is always late in clear violation of the law. Worse, these very same legislators will all take a vacation in celebration of Independence Day. Worse yet, these clowns will still be paid their taxpayer-funded salaries while the budget impasse is going on and state employees are fretting over being furloughed while the budget gets worked out.

You can read more of the yahoo story here.

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