Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conservatives Still Running Strong

New Polling Suggests Conservatives on the Rise

The Gallup polling organization has released a new poll regarding trends in popular opinion. According to the poll, self-identified Conservatives have returned to their previous high of 2004 levels (40%). This once again maintains self-identified conservatives as the single largest voting block in America.

Those that self-identified as Liberal have decreased to 21%.

Most startling, was the attrition suffered by self-identified moderates. Moderates fell to 35% from their previous 43%. An eight-point drop is certainly significant.

Conservatives have maintained their strength and not diminished in numbers, despite liberal talking points. Liberals, while in the minority, gained ground. That gain however clearly keeps them still below even ¼ of the population. Moderates are hemorrhaging support.

One obvious condition identified by this poll is the further polarization of American voters. With moderates loosing 8% in a single year, clearly the catalyst is the new president and his administration. The Obama administration attempts to nationalize the automotive industry, his attempts to further nationalize the financial industry, and his attempts to nationalize the health insurance industry are very large changes in a short period of time. This rejection of “change” could lead to further polarization in 2010.

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