Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Democrat-Sponsored Tax Hike in Scranton

The Scranton Times wrote an op-ed regarding the Democrat-controlled Scranton School Board’s proposal to raise taxes by as much as 6%. We previously reported on the Scranton School District’s history of hiking taxes.

Three of the past tax-hikers are on the ballot in November. Democrats Frank Brazil and Bob Lesh won nominations of both the Republican and Democratic Party, Democrat Brian Jeffers won only the Democratic nomination.

Newcomers Bob Sheridan and Steve Scarpetta also won nominations in the 2009 Primary. Sheridan won both the Republican and Democratic nomination, Scarpetta competed for and won the Republican Nomination.

This situation (appearing on both ballots) allows a candidate to have their votes cumulated from both sides of the ballot. This virtually assures a victory for Brazil, Lesh, and Sheridan. The only real contest will be with Jeffers on the Democratic side and Scarpetta on the Republican.

Scranton, being a Democratic town, will likely elect Jeffers to another term despite his history of raising taxes. Scarpetta can and should take issue with the tax situation in Scranton.

This is the worst possible time to raise taxes. School District taxes are based on your property, not your income. With unemployment skyrocketing to a 25 year high, you really have to question the judgment of any elected official that thinks raising taxes is a good idea.

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