Saturday, February 21, 2009

PMA, Carney, & Kanjorski

Two local politicians have made it to PMA’s bought and paid-for politicians list. And, as one might expect, our local boys have no intention of returning the money, according to the Scranton Times. At least, not yet.

Apparently Carney and Kanjorski are waiting to return the thousands of dollars they have received until the FBI investigation into PMA is finished. The investigation alone doesn’t seem to be enough for them to return the cash. The FBI investigation is focusing on whether PMA gave thousands of dollars of bogus contributions to PA Democrat Congressman Jack Murtha and other lawmakers. Presumably, the accusation is that the nearly $1.45 million in donations were to earn earmarks, of which there were many for PMA.

Since 1999, Kanjorski has netted $42,150 in contributions from PMA or its employees. Carney, has received $41,500 in contributions in the last two years alone.

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