Friday, February 6, 2009

Most Ethical Administration in History

Barack Hussein Obama admits he screwed up, according to Deutsche-Welle. The screw up statement is in reference to his appointments to his administration. The “most ethical administration in history” has had some serious ethical problems.

It all started with Governor Bill Richardson. Richardson was picked for Secretary of Commerce. He withdrew his nomination when it was learned that he was subject to a grand jury investigation into government corruption.

Tim Geithner, tapped to run Treasury, was a tax cheat. Mr. Geitner was informed that he failed to pay taxes on his annual income. He filed for the period that he was notified about but failed to file for the remaining period in which he knew he also didn’t pay. He only paid the back taxes after being subject to scrutiny.

You might also remember that Obama made a pledge that no lobbyists would serve in his administration. Well, he had to change the rules to appoint former Raytheon lobbyist Robert Gates and former Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson.

Tom Daschle, selected to run Health and Human Services, failed to pay taxes on his limo and chauffer service. I guess you really cannot ask for a better example of a limousine liberal.

Eric Holder was selected for Attorney General. Holder was involved in the Clinton administration’s pardoning of terrorists, has a terrible second amendment record, and was involved in the pardon of tax cheat and international fugitive Mark Rich.

Nancy Killefer, picked to be Government Chief Performance Officer, withdrew her nomination after it was revealed that she failed to pay taxes on her “household help.”

Leon Panetta was selected to be CIA director despite having zero experience in the intelligence community. It was revealed yesterday by the Wall Street Journal that while he was not registered as a lobbyist, he probably should have been.

Now we have David Ogden be selected for Deputy Attorney General. Ogden is a former Attorney for the porn industry. He filed suits to allow porn in public libraries and even forced the Library of Congress to provide Playboy magazine in Braille. This one should get really interesting.


Anonymous said...

This blog is lame.

Doctor Biobrain said...

I would be very amused if you actually attempted to justify whatever point you imagine you're making by mentioning Obama's middle name. If I had to guess, I'd say it has something to do with mocking liberals. And that's just too funny. You guys will do ANYTHING if you think it'll bug liberals. I suppose being a knee-jerk anti-liberal is much easier than figuring what what you support.

And if this is your list of "serious" ethical problems, it's obvious you have no concern for intellectual honesty. Three of these people were never part of the administration, and three others don't have ethical issues beyond the ones you conservatives imagine. It's no wonder you guys are so unpopular.

Anonymous said...

You got served.