Thursday, February 19, 2009

Luzerne Controller Race

Acting Luzerne County Controller A.J. Martinelli will probably not seek election to the Controller post. Most recently, Martinelli made the news by after suffering a wardrobe malfunction while exiting a vehicle during a sobriety check (according to the Citizen’s Voice.) It is probably safe to say that this virtually eliminates his ability to seek the office. There is always an outside chance since it is Luzerne County we are talking about.

A Republican has declared his intentions to seek the office. Ed Brominski, a former Luzerne County Commissioner will seek the position. The Citizen's Voice reports that Brominski recently changed parties to seek the Republican nomination at the urging of Republican Party leaders.

This is an incredibly important position for Luzerne County. A solid controller could have prevented many of the scandals that have frequented the dome.

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