Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lackawanna Judge Update

According to the Scranton Times, the race for Lackawanna County Judge has been whittled down to four candidates. Democrats Mark Walsh and Timothy Kelly have pulled their name from the race. That leaves Democrats James Tierney, Marg Bisignani Moyle, Magistrate John Pesota, and Republican Frank Casetllano in the race.

No word on who Walsh and Kelly will throw their support behind.

Walsh was from the side of politics that typically was against Democrat Mayor Chris Doherty. Tierney and Bisignani were of the camps that typically supported Doherty. Pesota, being a magistrate in the Dickson City area, really hasn’t weighed in on the Doherty administration. Walsh would be hard pressed to support Doherty’s people, perhaps he could support Pesota and not inflame his base.

There is also rumor that a current Judge in Lackawanna County could be promoted to a federal judgeship. That would create a situation where an appointment would occur to fill the vacated seat. Maybe Walsh is hoping for that appointment and will stay neutral in the race to increase his chances of receiving that appointment.

Kelly wasn’t really a political player. He seemed to seek the office without getting involved in the politics of it all. We couldn’t even speculate on who he would support.

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