Monday, January 12, 2009

Scranton's State Funding Pulled

In the same day that the Scranton Times ran a story about the City of Scranton seeking $3 million in state money, the Times Leader broke yet another troubling story about the City of Scranton and its Democratic administration. According to the story, Scranton has had its use of Department of Community and Economic Development money pulled due to its inability to complete timely audits.

We previously discussed Scranton’s inability to complete its audits with reference to the current pay raise debacle as well as its publicized delay of its most recent audit.

Apparently, the taxpayers of Scranton are not the only ones that have had enough with the late audits. Mentioned in the article are several large dollar projects that will have their funding held by the state until Scranton can complete the audits. The article also states that Scranton may experience delays in having the money made available even after the audits are submitted.

This is the most recent public exhibition of the utterly embarrassing lack of oversight that seems to permeate Scranton’s Democratic Government. Scranton’s mayor, three of its council members, four of its school directors, and its tax collector are all on up for re-election this year. All of the current officeholders up for election are Democrats. The remaining two council members, city controller, and five school directors will be up for re-election in 2011. All are Democrats with the exception of one School Director who is a Republican.

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