Monday, January 12, 2009

NEPA Legislative Agenda Dominated by Healthcare

The Times Leader reports that NEPA’s House and Senate delegation are all looking for solutions to the healthcare “crisis”.

Each legislator had a different proposal ranging from establishing government mandated healthcare a.k.a. universal healthcare to cost controls.

Healthcare is an issue that certainly is far reaching. It would be a great benefit to all citizens of the greatest country in the world to have cost effective medical care. Government mandates however are not the answer.

Outside of delivering the mail, national defense, and a select few other government programs, the track record on efficient government services is abysmal. Government programs always seem to become a bloated bureaucratic nightmare for the taxpayer.

The proposed universal healthcare system would likely devolve into crony hires with very little interest in providing low cost, high quality healthcare. This is party neutral. President Bush’s appointments to government positions have been, in some cases, less than stellar. Some of President-Elect Obama’s appointments can easily maintain the same moniker.

The healthcare system certain needs to be reformed. The best solution needs to include reducing insurance rates through tort reform, tax incentives to business to provide their employees with quality health insurance, and serious tax incentives to individuals that have to pay for their own insurance. The private sector can handle this problem without “big brother” stepping in to muddy the process. They just need to be given the tools to responsibly and profitably address the issue.

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