Saturday, January 10, 2009

Luzerne County Commissioners Battle

Both the Citizen’s Voice and the Times Leader are covering the most recent brouhaha between the Luzerne County’s Commissioners.

The boiling point was reached over budget talks. Luzerne County is in deep financial trouble. After laying off many employees and being sued by the Luzerne County Courts to protect their jobs, tempers are flaring and patience is getting slim.

The Citizen’s Voice has audio of the encounter, the Times Leader has video on the right of the story.

Accusations of not showing up for work, not communicating, and not working together ruled the day.

Luzerne County’s government is an embarrassment. It really is too bad that there isn’t a provision for a recall election in Luzerne County.

On the brighter side, there is one possibility for change. One of the suggestions during the public participation section of the agenda was another Home Rule Commission. We talked about it in December. When confronted with waiving the petition signature requirements to place it on the ballot, Republican Commissioner Urban said he was against it, Democrat Commissioner Petrilla danced around it, and Democrat Commissioner Skrepenak wouldn’t rule it out but was non-committal. The Times Leader covered the exchange regarding home rule.

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