Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Death by (now) $1.1 Trillion Cuts

Despite his thorough and sometimes confrontational questioning of Eric Holder, Human Events is reporting that Pennsylvania Republican Senator Arlen Specter is now supporting Holder’s nomination. Specter seemed to be leading the charge against Holder in his hearings…apparently, that was just for show.

In other news from the Hill, House Republican Leaders are urging their Republican counterparts to vote against the pork-laden Economic Stimulus (Economic Death by $1.1 Trillion Cuts) bill. This redistribution of wealth bill will ultimately place a heavy tax burden on our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

House Republicans proposed an alternative bill, 31 pages in length (versus the phone book sized Democratic bill.) We doubt the folks intending to pass this bill have even read it.

Democrats are pushing this bill, saying immediate action is needed or the economy will tank. Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama has stated that the bill should be “shovel ready” jobs insinuating that action would be taken immediately.

Enter the Congressional Budget Office.

The CBO has analyzed the Democratic bill. Nearly 80% of the money in the bill will not see the economy until 2010 or after. To read more, you should see the Read the Stimulus website’s CBO section.

Our “leaders” on the Hill need to stop, take a breath, and work out a solution that doesn’t include pork. The current bill has had such gems as funding for birth control, STD prevention, more funding for cable box converters, and exorbitant multi-million dollar salaries for the folks that hold the purse strings.

To read more about the stimulus a.k.a. crap sandwich, check out the Wall Street Journal.

An alternative plan, do nothing…as actual economists recommend.

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