Monday, January 19, 2009

Death by 1.2 Trillion Cuts

The Democrat-controlled Congress has released the first draft for the “Stimulus Plan.” This plan is nothing less than the death of our economy by 1.2 trillion cuts. We suggest visiting the website,, to download a copy. They also host a discussion board where you can find interesting highlights or help parse the bill.

Some of those include:

Five members appointed by the President to serve on the board with a total compensation between the five of $14,000,000. That’s almost $3 million each! That cherry is found on page 23.

$1,000,000 will be pumped into the Community Planning and Development Fund. This is an obvious reward for failure based on the fact that this program is rated as “ineffective” by its own rating system. See page 228.

$50,000,000 is set aside for the Youthbuild program. The Youthbuild program also has the poor rating of “Not Performing” because it is redundant with other Federal programs. See page 132.

Some other gems in the bill are $400,000,000 for NASA to fight global warming and $650,000,000 for more digital television service coupons. The coupons were inserted despite the fact that 94% of the people that need these coupons have them already.

Still haven’t been able to locate the “middle class tax cut” that was promised. Word is that the will be in the form of $500 checks for individuals and $1000 for families like the previous failed program instituted by the Bush administration.

Hopefully, something more substantial will be used for this tax cut instead of replicating failure. This plan should focus on growth, not debt creation and rewarding past failures.

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