Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama, Brady, and Firearms in PA

Gun owners in Pennsylvania are stocking up on new firearms in anticipation of the coronation of President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama.

If you believe Obama’s rhetoric, he has no intention of taking away the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Perhaps they are reacting out of unfounded fear. Or, perhaps they have actually checked Obama’s record on firearms.

The NRA’s take on Obama’s gun record can be found here.

Adding fuel to the fire, Obama was endorsed by the Brady Center, former known as Handgun Control Inc. Obviously, the Brady Center doesn’t exactly have a sterling record on the issue. In fact, as part of their endorsement, the Brady Center touted a renewal of the “assault weapon ban.”

The Brady Center drew local attention in Pennsylvania as they offered aid in a local suit involving a Lebanon County Mom’s revocation of her Concealed Carry Permit. The local Sheriff, Michael DeLeo, revoked the permit. Lebanon County Judge Robert Eby reinstated the permit by reversing the Sheriff’s decision.

The Brady Center offers legal assistance in cases involving firearms. That assistance has historically been to strip rights away from individuals, not defend the rights of lawful gun owners.

Time will tell if Obama will keep his word on the Second Amendment. The man hasn’t been sworn into office yet but if you look at one of his appointments, there seems to be cause for alarm.

Obama’s nomination of Eric Holder for Attorney General raised some eyebrows. Holder, as Attorney General, oversaw the pardons of both Marc Rich and FALN terrorists by the Clinton Administration. Rich is a billionaire that was running from 65 counts of tax evasion when he was pardoned. The 16 FALN terrorists that had their felony sentences commuted also occurred under Holder’s watch.

As far as Second Amendment concerns, Holder signed onto a brief reaffirming his belief that the Second Amendment confirmed no individual rights to firearm ownership and possession and that the Supreme Court should have upheld DC’s ban on firearm ownership.

With the probable retirement of at least a few Supreme Court Justices, let’s hope this nomination is not indicative of the selection process that will be used for the Supreme Court.

You can read more about Holder here.

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