Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Presents from Luzerne County

The Times Leader is reporting that the Luzerne County Commissioners will have their 2009 budget finalized in the coming days.

Some highlights of the $130 million budget are predicted to include approximately 100 layoffs for January 1, about $19 million in new borrowing, and a tax increase.

Since the list of employees to lose their jobs will not be released until around the Christmas Holiday, many will only have an approximate week’s notice as to their employments standing.

Also predicted in the story is a lawsuit from the Luzerne County Courts. Some of the proposed cuts involved the court system. Judge Mark Ciavarella has basically stated in the past that if cuts are enacted, the judicial system will not be able to function. Judge Ciavarella had previously promised to file suit against the county if they sought the reduction in staffing. The TL seems to have been correct in their prediction.

You can read the full text of a preliminary injunction filed by the courts against Luzerne County here.

As we look forward to the 2009 Luzerne County Elections, Gort has a great archive worth checking out.

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Gort said...

The race for Judge and Controller should be the most fun. Dottie will probably win another term as Register of Wills. The big question is will Jill Moran run again. Thanks for the link, I added you to my new and improved Blogroll.