Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dunmore Advances Swiss Cheese Budget

According to the Scranton Times, Dunmore’s Council, led by Democrats Melanie Naro and Jerry Hart and joined by Democrats Thomas Hennigan and Michael Cummings have advanced a budget with a $1 million deficit.

While passing the unbalanced budget, the same Democrat Council Members also passed a motion to borrow $1.2 million to close a budget hole for 2008.

It may seem odd to pass an unbalanced, deficit laden budget but Democrat Council Member Naro stated that only the final budget must be balanced, not the tentative budget. When discussing solutions to fix the problem, Naro is quoted as saying “no one has a solution.”

To cut costs, Dunmore is evaluating cutting services. Items mentioned were sidelining the cleanup week, adding a $25 fee for pickup of larger garbage items, charging residents to rent DPW dump trucks, and cutting the police budget by brining in more “reserve” police officers. The controversy related to the statements made by council members regarding the Senior’s Center seems to have removed their necks from the chopping block. It appears that council will no longer be seeking funds from the cash-strapped seniors.

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