Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cash Strapped Dunmore Seeks to Raid Seniors, Leaves Them in the Cold

According to the Scranton Times, Dunmore Democrat Council Member Melanie Naro ordered the thermostat lowered below acceptable standards in the Dunmore Senior Center to save heating costs. Seniors were forced to wear winter jackets within the facility to keep warm. Naro coupled that with a request that the seniors begin paying their own way in the facility. Dunmore Democrat Councilman Jerry Hart stated that he found the “free ride” that the seniors enjoyed at the facility was “unacceptable.”

In an apparent attempt to dig the hole even deeper, Councilwoman Naro stated in another Scranton Times story that the seniors are setting a bad example to the youth of the community for seeking to use the facility for free.

Jeanne Hugenbruch, the senior center’s executive director, said that the Pennsylvania Department of Aging regulations require a thermostat to be set at 70 degrees in a senior facility. No word if any official action will be sought.

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