Thursday, November 20, 2008

Barletta Out?

PolitickerPA interviewed Mayor Lou Barletta about his political future. After his narrow loss in Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District, Barletta said that he hasn’t thought about whether he will give it another shot in 2010.

The PA-11 race was heralded as the best chance a Republican had to win a Democratic district. Barletta lost to the embattled incumbent by 4% despite independent polls suggesting Barletta would win.

Barletta attributed his loss largely to the Obama Election Day operation. He feels he wasn’t beaten by Kanjorski but by Obama’s efforts.

Barletta lost by 4% in the most Republican-hostile environment in modern history.

Barletta ultimately refused to rule out another run for higher office stating “I don’t think I’ve hurt myself at all politically in this campaign so I would not rule out in the future running for another office.

I doubt we have heard the last of Hazleton’s popular Mayor, Lou Barletta.

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