Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2009 Scranton Election Update

In 2009, Democrat Mayor Chris Doherty; Democrat Tax Collector Flynn; Democrat Council Members Fanucci, Gatelli, and Evans; and Democrat School Board Directors Brazill, Hartman, Jeffers, and Lesh will be up for re-election in 2009.

According to the Scranton Times Democrat Chris Doherty will see re-election and may face a primary challenge from former opponent Democrat Gary DiBileo, current Democrat Council Member Janet Evans, or current Democrat School Director Chris Phillips.

For Council, Judy Gatelli has indicated that she will seek re-election, Sherry Nealon-Fanucci is not sure if she will seek re-election. Janet Evans is probably waiting to determine if she will seek the Mayor’s post. They face potential challenges from Democrat Tom Charles, Democrat Giovanni Piccolino, Democrat Pat Rogan, Republican Karen Bazzarri, and Republican and Party Chairman Paul Catalano.

Democrat Bill Courtright, re-elected in 2007, is entertaining the idea of running for Tax Collector against appointed Democrat Marilyn Vitali-Flynn.

No word on if the Republican Party will complete the council slate, have a mayoral candidate, challenge the tax collector, or seek any school director positions. If past history holds true, the answer will be no. Since assuming control of the party, Catalano has captained a ship with very few candidates.

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