Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kanjorski Snubs NAACP

Kanjorski backs out of NAACP forum at last second
Kanjorski Spokesman says a Press Release Scared Incumbent Away

East Stroudsburg, PA -- The NAACP of Monroe County was set to host a forum featuring Congressman Paul Kanjorski and Mayor Lou Barletta. The event was set to begin at 7 p.m.

At 6:50 p.m., Joe Werner, Campaign Manager for Congressman Kanjorski, arrived on the campus of East Stroudsburg to inform the group the Paul Kanjorski would not be showing up for the debate.

The explanation Mr. Werner gave was that a press release issued earlier in the day intimidated the incumbent congressman and “he did want to come here and get beat up.”

Vince Galko, Campaign Manager for Lou Barletta, said, "What's the difference between Paul Kanjorski and the Cowardly Lion? Answer: the Cowardly Lion didn't funnel 10 million taxpayer dollars to his family's business.

"This is just another example of Paul Kanjorski's disrespect for the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. He takes the voters for granted and worse yet he takes their money for his cars and his gas, and to fund his family's bankrupt business. The congressman's actions speak for themselves.

"If Paul Kanjorski is afraid to face Lou Barletta and the NAACP, it is no wonder he can't stand up to his Wall Street donors or to any Washington special interests."

To verify the disgraceful actions of Paul Kanjorski with regards to his treatment of the NAACP forum, you can contact Ronnie Byrd, the Vice President of the Monroe County NAACP and the organizer of the event. He can be reached at 570-406-0249.

You can read more in the Pocono Record.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Poll shows Barletta increasing lead; Kanjorski’s negatives at all-time high

HAZLETON – The Lou Barletta for Congress campaign released results from a recent poll that shows Mayor Lou Barletta increasing his lead and Paul Kanjorski’s negatives reaching all-time highs while his re-elect numbers reach new depths.

The poll conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research (SPR) had a sample size of 400 likely voters and was conducted on Oct. 2, 2008.

The ballot match-up had Lou Barletta leading, 47 to 39. This is an increase over the 45-to-41 margin in the two previous polls conducted by SPR. The new poll also shows a decrease in the number of undecided voters.

Paul Kanjorski’s re-elect number has dropped to 32 percent. That’s down from his high of 39 percent in March, 37 percent in July, and 33 percent in September.

“This poll mirrors what we are experiencing around the district and is somewhat similar to the recent Franklin and Marshall College/Times Shamrock Newspapers poll. This type of news encourages our supporters and gives hope to the people of the 11th Congressional District. However, there is still plenty of work to do, and as long as Paul Kanjorski continues to take money from Wall Street and Washington, D.C., special interests by the barrelful, Lou Barletta will remain the underdog in this race,” said Vince Galko, campaign manager for Mayor Lou Barletta.

Mayor Barletta added, “This is great news for the people of northeastern Pennsylvania. The only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day, and I will continue to work to earn every vote. This race has been hard-fought and I have been under attack from the first day announced my candidacy. The polls show that my opponent’s smear tactics are not working. Americans are looking for leaders to tackle our problems, not politicians who point fingers rather than take responsibility. ”

Senator Specter Endroses Lou Barletta

HAZLETON – This evening, in front of a packed room, at the Woodlands Inn in Luzerne County, U.S. Senator Arlen Specter endorsed Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta in his race for Congress in Pennsylvania's 11th District.
Sen. Specter said, “Lou Barletta has won the confidence of both parties and that's really quite an accomplishment.

“Lou is just the kind of a person you need to represent you in Washington. I am very proud to call him a friend and I am very much looking forward to having him join me on Capitol Hill.”
Mayor Barletta said, “I am honored to have Senator Specter's support. I look forward to working with him in Washington to solve the problems facing America.”

Earlier Monday, Mayor Barletta participated in Senator Specter's conference with healthcare professionals and citizens regarding the cancer cluster in Luzerne, Carbon and Schuylkill counties.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Polls and the Bailout

Roll Call has new polling data in PA-10. According to Momentum Analysis’s findings:

Carney – 50%
Hackett – 36%

Overall, 51% had a favorable impression of Carney while 24% had an unfavorable opinion of him. Among Republicans, 41% had a favorable opinion of him and 33% had an unfavorable opinion of him.

65% of respondents had heard of Hackett. 31% had a favorable opinion of him while 34% had an unfavorable opinion of him.

The poll was release on Oct 3 and was paid for by Carney.

An independent poll conducted by Lycoming College Polling Institute was conducted on September 21-25. If found that:

Carney – 46%
Hackett – 36%

Both the independent poll and the poll commissioned by Carney seem to have very similar results.

Based on the coverage of the bailout vote, it certainly is possible that Carney’s position could improve during that time frame simply because of his two votes against the bailout. We are basically looking at a 4% increase. Hackett has made his campaign almost entirely about wasteful spending and tried to paint Carney as a “porker.” Perhaps by voting against the bailout, Carney diffused Hackett’s mantra which always seems to involve the words “liberal” or “wasteful.” Many media outlets have stated that opposition from constituents was running very high. By voting against the bailout, Carney may have insulated himself from all things liberal and wasteful.

Some will certainly say that Carney’s vote was the product of the inside-baseball that occurs on these very sensitive votes. Each of the caucus leaders know about how many votes they will need to pass a measure. If the bill is a political hot potato and people are very emotional about it, they leaders may allow members in hostile races to cast a safe, politically expedient vote. It is obvious that many members in contested races voted no on the bailout. Perhaps more telling is a comparison of the voting behavior of a member and the amount of money they have received from the banking industry.

Foul Ball

Mandalay is finding things difficult in Lackawanna County according to the Scranton Times. The management company that operates the local Yankees affiliate is pushing back against certain authority members.

Mandalay’s representative claims that “rather than focus on the financial success that has been achieved over the last two seasons, some members of the stadium authority continue to engage in a pattern of conduct that is clearly contrary to the contract between us.”

Authority members are appointed by the Commissioners. Bringing the Yankees to Lackawanna County wasn’t enough to guarantee a second four year term for the Cordaro & Munchak administration. Losing the Yankees would almost certainly guarantee that the Washo & O’Brien administration would suffer the same fate.

Speak Freely!

Lackawanna County removes its censorship policy after repeated brow-beating by the Scranton Times. After taking office in 2008, the Commissioners O’Brien and Washo issued an edict that no member of their staff or employee of the County should speak to the media without their Press Secretary present.

Apparently, the commissioners came to the realization that their promises of transparency in government became a bit clouded by their edict.

Former majority Commissioners Munchak and Cordaro instituted a similar policy with their press office when they took control. They also received criticism from the local media for their efforts to control the message from the sixth floor.

Bailout Part 2

Paul Kanjorski appeared on PBS to discuss the “Bailout.” In it, Kanjorski made the shocking statement “I’ve been watching this disaster, if you will, unfold for probably two years now, and particularly since last August-not this immediate past August, but the August before that, when the subprime mortgage problem was created. And then we saw the deterioration that occurred in October when the auction market started to fail. And then we saw the infection spread throughout the financial system. Until now, when Secretary Paulson came up to the Hill eleven days ago and said we are now at the disaster state, I recognized he was right.” This from a high level member of the House Financial Services Committee, one of the committees that are charged with the responsibility to make sure situations like this never occur.

Contrast that with the must-see heated interview between Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly and fellow banking committee member Barney Frank, Chairman of Kanjorski’s committee.

The NRCC has produced a commercial which uses footage from a hearing on Fannie and Freddie in which key Democrats defended the troubled institutions claiming that there was no crisis with either. You can see Paul Kanjorski at the hearing sitting next to Maxine Waters as the camera pans around to focus on her as she speaks.

Congressman Kanjorski voted for the $700 Billion measure. Congressman Carney voted against it. Both Lou Barletta and Chris Hackett have stated that they are against the bailout.