Friday, June 13, 2008

Lackawanna Reassessment Botched?

The Scranton Times is reporting that Luzerne County is not the only county with a potentially botched reassessment. Apparently, Lackawanna County’s tax records and maps are so unreliable (5,735 problems according to the article) that the new tax bills will not ship for years to come. The best scenario seems to be having the missing owner’s information found and updating the maps that don’t even show some properties by July 1 2009. The more likely scenario seems to be that the Commissioners might have it wrapped up by 2014.

The reassessment is not yet complete, with approximately 30% remaining. If the current problem rate continues, (out of 70,528 completed 5,735 have unresolved problems or 8%) Lackawanna County Commissioners can expect another 2400 problem properties.

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