Thursday, May 8, 2008

Where's Kenny?

The Scranton Times is wondering where in the world is Ken McDowell? Ken McDowell is the current Democratic Lackawanna County Controller. Mr. McDowell was also the former tax collector for the City of Scranton. In case you missed it, it has been reported that the City of Scranton Tax Office is being investigated by the FBI. No one seems to be able to track down exactly what they are looking for. This makes sense since it would likely disrupt their investigation.

Apparently, Ken McDowell has been MIA since at least Monday. The Scranton Times has reported in the past that the Democrat has had issues with attendance in the past. Maybe it is just another occurrence of this type of behavior.

If nothing else, this situation shows a pattern of abuse of the taxpayers. Mr. McDowell is paid over $66,000 to do a job. I understand that sometimes the jobs of elected officials dictate that they need to travel, attend seminars, seek further training, etc. It is an abrogation of duty to merely take off from the job and not give any kind of excuse. That would never work in the private sector and the taxpayers should demand that it not occur in the public sector either.

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